Dr. Fiona Green


Fiona Green Title: Professor, Women's and Gender Studies


Dr. Fiona Joy Green is a feminist mother and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies who believes in the power of revolutionary feminist motherwork in raising children. She’s interested in the agency of children and mothers, in gender socialization and gender identity, and in the ability of feminist motherlines to contribute to feminist theorizing and praxis. Dr. Green has held the positions of Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, Chair of the Department WGS, and is the founder and former Director of the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies, where she is a research affiliate. She teaches a range of Women’s and Gender Studies courses from first year to honours, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Education and in the Department of Community Health Sciences.

Professor Green holds an Interdisciplinary PhD (Education, Sociology and Women’s Studies). Her research interests include feminist parenting, feminist/maternal pedagogies, female genital cutting, media representations of mothers, and mommy blogging. Her current areas of research include exploring parenting practices that support the gender fluidity of children, and examining privacy matters related to social media.



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