2015 Fall Institute Speakers


All guest lectures are open to the public.

Goodall Profile

Sept 11th - Axworthy Distinguished Lecture

7:00 in the Duckworth Gym

Dr. Jane Goodall, Renowned Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace

Mirjana Roksandic

Sept 15th, "Why Do We Need to Know What Monkeys Do?: Studying Primate Behaviour to Understand Humans."

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Dr. Mirjana Roksandic, Associate Professor, Anthropology, University of Winnipeg

Carlos Colorado

Sept 24th, "Religion, Secularization, and the Moral Status of Animals."

2:30-3:45, 2M77 

Dr. Carlos Colorado, Associate Professor, Religion and Culture, University of Winnipeg

Peter Ives

Oct 1st, "The Animal/Human Divide in Political Theory."

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Dr. Peter Ives,  Professor, Political Science, University of Winnipeg

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Oct 8th, "Pigs and Poetry."

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Dana Medoro, Associate Professor, English, Film, and Theatre, University of Manitoba


Oct. 15th, "Why the Animal? Examples from Literature and Poetry."  

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Dr. Adina Balint Babos, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, University of Winnipeg

Tracy Whalen

Oct. 22nd, "Visual Rhetoric, Animality, and Popular Culture."

2:30-3:45, 2M77 

Dr. Tracy Whalen, Associate Professor, Rhetoric, Writing and Communications, University of Winnipeg


Roewan Crowe

Oct 29th, "These Queer Relations: Thinking/Feeling Through Familial Relationships with Animals."  

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Roewan Crowe, Women's and Gender Studies, University of Winnipeg

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Nov 5th, “Mitakuyowas Ergo Sum (All My Relations Therefore I Am): An Understanding of an Indigenous Philosophy of Relationship to Animals”

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Mark Ruml, Associate Professor, Religion and Culture, University of Winnipeg

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Nov 12th, "Endless Forms Most Beautiful."

2:30-3:45, 2M77

Alan Joseph McGreevy, Instructor, Biology, University of Winnipeg 

David Drewes Photo

Nov 17th, "Animals in Buddhism."

2:30-3:45, 2M77

David Drewes, Associate Professor, Religion, University of Manitoba