Robin Bryan

Campus Sustainability Recognition Award

Robin Bryan

Robin Bryan has played a key leadership role in developing UWinnipeg’s active transportation facilities and culture since 2009. He was a key organizer in the campaign to establish a $2 student levy to fund programming for the UWSA Bike Lab. He founded a team of avid winter cyclists called the Ice Riders – a team whose membership ballooned over the 2010/2011 year from 10 to over 50 riders. Over the same academic year, as the first ever Bike Lab coordinator, he played a key role in developing cycling  programming on campus such as “Winterize your Bike” workshops, training for less experienced winter riders, and regular bicycle tuneup sessions.

The buzz that Robin has helped generate about the UWSA Bike Lab and the Ice Riders team has migrated outside of the University in this short time, and their logo, message and work is recognized throughout Winnipeg in the cycling community. They have participated in conferences bringing together cycling groups from across Winnipeg and were recently featured in the Manitoba Eco-Network’s Eco-Journal.

Robin is also an environmental activist in the broader community. He has fought for years to put an end to industrial logging activity within the boundaries of provincial parks in Manitoba and Ontario. In 2008, Robin was rewarded for his efforts when the Manitoba Legislative Throne Speech banned logging in four of the five parks with logging operations. In recognition of his work, Robin received a Brower Youth Award, North America’s most prestigious prize for young environmental leaders; he is only the second Canadian to win the award. Robin has also worked as the Outreach Coordinator of the Wilderness Committee, Canada’s largest member based, citizen funded wilderness protection group.