Royden Loewen

The Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship

Royden Loewen

When it comes to meaningful research in the area of Mennonite History, Professor Royden Loewen, stands out for his distinguished work. As a University of Winnipeg History professor and Chair in Mennonite Studies, Loewen has created an enormous body of scholarship devoted to the history of Mennonite communities on three continents. His scholarship has won prizes, inspired other researchers and illuminated many facets of ethno-cultural and social history, even those beyond the communities that are the subject of his studies.

Delving into Economics
Loewen is the author of 17 scholarly articles, 40 book reviews, 13 book chapters, four monographs, one co-authored monograph and one co-edited volume. He has convened or co-convened 17 conferences, organized eight major conferences and adjudicated a dozen book manuscripts. His 70-plus lectures and presentations only further add to his impressive resume.

From the chief editorial chair of the Journal of Mennonite Studies, Loewen directs and invites a vast range of scholarship delving into economics, gender, immigration and emigration, and adaption and persistence in religious faith and conduct - all with the aim of explaining the survival and transformation of a major cultural group that retains high visibility in Manitoba, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Latin America.