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Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin

BSc, MSc, PhD

Jeff Martin is an outstanding young nuclear and particle physicist who has already made a major impact in his field of study. Martin's research in experimental nuclear physics is oriented towards searching for fundamental physics discoveries beyond the so-called “Standard Model” of particle physics. Since joining The University of Winnipeg, Martin has been responsible for five significant projects:

  • The development of a new ultracold neutrons (UCN) source in Canada
  • The first measurement of neutron beta-asymmetry using UCN
  • Research and development towards the measurement of the proton's weak charge
  • The development of an accurate electron beam polarimetry for the Q-weak experiment
  • A determination of the contribution of strange quark-antiquark pairs to the electromagnetic form factors as part of the G0 experiment

Martin is also part of the Prairie Isotope Production Enterprise (PIPE), which is a not-for-profit corporation based in Manitoba with the goal to develop a reliable supply of the medical isotope Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) for Canadian patients.

  • In June 2009, Martin was successful in a project grant competition that gave him $4.225-million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation's New Initiatives Fund, the largest research grant of ever awarded to a Manitoba academic, for creating the world's highest-density source of ultracold neutrons. This ground-breaking project will enable a class of precision experiments on the fundamental interactions of the neutron to be conducted with higher precision than ever before. 
  • Martin is not only a researcher of prominent importance; he has served as mentor to several post-doctoral, PhD, Masters and Honors students. He has also provided guidance to summer research students.