Laura Reimer

Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence

Laura Reimer


Dr. Laura Reimer is an outstanding educator who transforms lives. Her teaching style nurtures a trust-building, collaborative approach to learning that encourages participation, lively discourse, and engagement. As a public administration professor with extensive training in peace and conflict studies, she exposes students to a greater understanding of leadership and their roles in our communities and the world.

In class, Reimer uses multiple experiential learning opportunities, such as holding mock debates, playing games, assigning group projects, having students present research to course guests who are members of government, and inviting “real-world” guest speakers like the city manager and the former chief of police.

Reimer is known for her warm, respectful, and open-door approach to mentoring students. She works hard to develop meaningful relationships, so that even the most introverted students feel they can contribute and flourish — and they do. Students fondly note that Reimer creates warm and positive learning environments that provide skills development in conflict resolution and governmental style writing, as well as publication opportunities. Each of her courses integrates the Treaties and Indigenous issues from a public administration perspective. Many students maintain a personal connection with her long after graduation, and consider her an enduring role model.

Among her many accomplishments, Reimer was twice elected to public school boards, has presented at international conferences, is a certified Mediator, and has published numerous journal articles and book reviews. She has authored two books: Leadership and School Boards in an Era of Community Engagement (2015) and Guarding the Trust: Leadership and School Boards (2008), and was the lead author of a third — Transformative Change: An Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies, a best-selling textbook that includes the writing and research of some UWinnipeg students.

Quite simply, Reimer is both a respected scholar and teacher who inspires a deep love of learning. Her students describe her classes and seminars as contagious and life-changing.

For her tireless dedication, The University of Winnipeg is proud to present Dr. Laura Reimer with the Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence.