William (Bill) D. Roberts

Honorary Doctorate

William D. Roberts

William (Bill) D. Roberts, BA (Honours), MBA
Honorary Doctor of Sacred Letters

William D. Roberts is a visionary who has demonstrated skills as a journalist, broadcaster, public policy analyst and educator. He is currently President & CEO, ZoomerMedia Limited, Television Division, a publicly traded multi-media company devoted exclusively to the needs and interests of Canada’s over 45. Prior to this he was President and CEO of S-VOX, Canada’s foremost provider of television and digital content focused on spiritual awareness and personal growth.

Roberts has consistently advanced freedom of the press and freedom of expression and has championed the cause of women and multiculturalism in Canada and abroad. A concrete example of his commitment is reflected in his seminal role in the establishment of Vision TV, a network dedicated to the intersection of faith, culture and politics.

He is a consistent advocate for the rights and freedoms in the quest for human dignity and global community and is a strong supporter of the Knowles/Woodsworth Centre at The University of Winnipeg.

Skilled in finance, marketing and business administration, Roberts has successfully led many cultural organizations to improved productivity and profitability by providing insight and guidance. He shares his knowledge as an educator on many levels including teaching broadcast communications and policy at the university level.

Roberts also has notable expertise in international relations, policymaking and advocacy regarding civil society. He is a sought after advisor and contributor to government, business, academia and media organizations.

Today, The University of Winnipeg is honoured to present William D. Roberts with an Honorary Doctor of Sacred Letters for his remarkable career in advocacy, public service and broadcast communications.