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Andrew Lockery

Andrew Lockery

Andrew Lockery’s curriculum vitae outlines a picture of an accomplished scholar and avid researcher, as well as a dedicated faculty member committed to University governance. But those who know him will readily reveal that he is also a much-beloved teacher to his students, a true mentor to his peers, and a tireless promoter of The University of Winnipeg.

Lockery joined The University of Winnipeg in 1968 in the Geography department. He taught all levels from first year to honours, with course evaluations described by one colleague as “astonishingly and consistently exceptional,” routinely placing him among the top five to 10 per cent in the University.

One student writes, “I consider Dr. Lockery’s course (Methods in Geomorphology) to be, without question, the single most valuable in my time at the University in preparing me for what I’m doing today … It prepared me for the multitude of problems which I have overcome almost daily.” His support and kindness towards his students does not end at graduation—Lockery is also well-known for maintaining contact with many of his students to this day, sometimes years and even decades after they finish their studies. For this exceptional dedication, he was awarded the 1997 Robson Award for Excellence in Teaching.

“At The University of Winnipeg, I had a wonderful chance to get to know all of my students and influence them in so many different ways,” he says.

In addition to his scholarly activities, Lockery was instrumental in the founding of the interdisciplinary program in Environmental Studies at The University of Winnipeg. It was the first such program at the University, and is one of the first programs in Environmental Studies at any university in Canada. He was the coordinator of this program for more than 25 years.

“Environmental issues have always been of great concern to me and it was through this program that these issues could be tackled. Many of the senior people working in environmental studies across the country came through The University of Winnipeg’s program,” he noted.

Lockery was also a regular participant in committee work, including Chair of Geography, the Negotiating Committee for the Joint Red River / University of Winnipeg Diploma Program, and the initiator and participant on the “Health Studies” Major Committee.

Despite the fact that he officially retired in 1998, Lockery’s dedication to the University did not end. He returned to the University to serve as Director of Enrolment Services, instituting a successful advising program, visiting high schools throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Northwestern Ontario to promote the University to those seeking career and academic advice, and continuing to act as a mentor to alumni and peers.

Today, Lockery is being honoured for his exemplary research, teaching, and dedication to The University of Winnipeg when he is admitted as a Fellow of United College.

“This award means a great deal to me,” he said. “It’s an award you can not work towards and it shows the respect of my colleagues and the administration.”