Ingrid Truderung

The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance

Ingrid Truderung

Ingrid Truderung has served students, faculty, staff, and the senior management team at The University of Winnipeg for 35 years with grace, integrity, humour and passion. Most especially, in her seven-year role as the “go to person” in the President’s office, Truderung’s leadership and diplomatic skills were stretched daily as she juggled multiple demands and deadlines, solved problems quickly and efficiently, found resources within tight budget constraints, and acted as tireless ambassador, recruiter and champion for all things UWinnipeg.

Truderung joined the University community in 1976, initially in Technology Services, then moved into Employee Relations (now Human Resources). She accepted a temporary position as Executive Secretary in the President’s Office in 2004 and quickly became indispensable, creating a high-functioning executive office from the ground up. She never left, and in 2010 was appointed Administrative Officer, President’s Office.  

Because of her extraordinary enthusiasm and discretion, Truderung was often called upon to liaise with government officials, donors, high-level diplomats and visiting lecturers. She was just as quick to assist a colleague or student in need, especially international students who could be found seeking advice in her office.  

Truderung served the University on numerous committees, including I Heart UWinnipeg Committee, the Honorary Degrees committee, and search committees for members of senior administration. She leads by example, is the first to volunteer and goes beyond expectations to shoulder new responsibilities whenever needed.

Her diversified and finely-honed skills have served the University well in achieving its’ goals and objectives. Just as importantly, Truderung’s wit, common sense and compassion have touched everyone who knows her, and will leave a lasting legacy of excellence at UWinnipeg.