Ken McCluskey

The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance

Ken McCluskey

Ken McCluskey, Dean and Professor of Education at UWinnipeg, is known internationally for his work in the fields of mentoring, gifted education and at-risk children and youth. Before becoming a Professor in 1998, McCluskey spent 25 years as a psychologist, special educator, and administrator in the public school system.

Those who know McCluskey describe his leadership style as unconventional, creative, and innovative, inspiring deep loyalty. He has tirelessly strengthened UWinnipeg's Faculty of Education internally and around the world. Under McCluskey's leadership UWinnipeg has become a leader in mentoring and community outreach, with programs such as Lost Prizes now piloted internationally. The faculty developed the Community-based Aboriginal Teacher Education program, a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education, and headquartered the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children on our campus. Perhaps most telling is the response from students. In one decade the Faculty of Education has tripled from 600 to 1,805 students today.

McCluskey has received numerous awards, among the most recent: Spirit of Crazy Horse Award, Reclaiming Youth International, Rapid City, SD, 2012; Manitoba Education Research Network Research Achievement Award, Winnipeg, MB, 2011; Albert Einstein Medal for Distinguished Achievement, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany, 2009; International Creativity Award, World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, Vancouver Conference, 2009; Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship, UWinnipeg, 2005; and Clifford Robson Award for Excellence in Teaching, UWinnipeg, 2003.

The University of Winnipeg is proud to present Ken McCluskey with The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance for his many contributions to UWinnipeg.