Michael Benarroch

The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance

What most distinguishes Dr. Michael Benarroch’s commitment and service to the University is the quality of his work and his willingness to assume leadership. To date, he has been an active member of 36 committees, often acting as chair. His latest contribution has led to the development of the innovative new Faculty of Business and Economics, a unique blend of business and liberal arts curriculum designed to nurture the next generation of socially conscious business leaders. His energy and enthusiasm in seeing this complex project through from inception is a testament to his ongoing commitment.

During Benarroch’s 16-year tenure, he has served The University of Winnipeg Faculty Association, and has taken up responsibilities on Senate and with the Board of Regents. He often steps forward to take on difficult and time-consuming tasks, for instance, as chair of the Faculty Personnel and Tenure Committee, where he earned the respect of all for his fair and reasoned judgment.

Benarroch has demonstrated a profound personal and professional commitment to the betterment of this institution and to attaining excellence in self governance. He has accomplished all this while chairing the department, carrying out a productive research agenda, and being available for media interviews and public events on behalf of the University.