Sohrab Abizadeh

The Robin H. Farquhar Award for Excellence in Contributing to Self-Governance

Sohrab Abizadeh

When Robin H. Farquhar established the Award for Excellence in Self-Governance, he wrote that the contributions of the University’s employees are “crucial to our success and deserving of acknowledgement and gratitude,” adding that “Exceptional performance in this regard should be publicly acclaimed and rewarded.”

Today, The University of Winnipeg honours Dr. Sohrab Abizadeh for his exceptional performance in this important arena.

In addition to his role as a Professor of Economics, Abizadeh has served as a member of the Board of Regents, including such committees as Pension, Finance, the Ad Hoc Committee on Continuing Education. Abizadeh has also served on the Senate, with responsibilities on more than 10 committees from Curriculum Review and Student Services to Honours and Graduate Studies. He also served as Associate Dean of Arts, during which time he was a member of the Bargaining Team representing the Board, in addition to a variety of other academic duties. Abizadeh has also participated on a number of search committees, responsible for the staff selections of a variety of significant University posts, including the Dean of Science, Vice-President Academic, Dean of Continuing Education, and the Presidential Search Committee.

In totalling Abizadeh’s contributions, one of his nominators summarizes: “Professor Abizadeh has committed a great deal of time serving the University,” he says, listing more than 40 committees in all. This supporter adds that Abizadeh is much sought-after for “his balanced views and ability to mediate difficult situations.”

For Abizadeh, governance work is an important and satisfying part of University life. “Spending time in the administration has allowed me to learn more about the institution and in particular my colleagues,” he says. “I always enjoy working with people, particularly with those who share the common goal of making our university more vibrant.”

Many of his colleagues share this sentiment. One writes, “The impact Professor Abizadeh has had on the University is measured by the respect he has achieved among his peers. This is clearly represented by his success in being elected to committees across the University—Professor Abizadeh has been elected to virtually every committee for which he has been nominated.”

Abizadeh is honoured to receive the Farquhar award, which recognizes the work of faculty and staff who take on the important work of governance. “It makes me proud to be part of an institution that puts so much value in people,” he says.

Today, The University of Winnipeg is pleased to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of Sohrab Abizadeh, this year’s recipient of the Robin H. Farquhar Award.