Mark Golden

Professor Emeritus

Mark Golden

BA (Honours), MA, PhD

Described as “Canada’s foremost Classics scholar” by The Globe and Mail, The University of Winnipeg’s Mark Golden is considered to be an unrivalled contemporary expert in the field of social history of Ancient Greece, and in many ways has shaped the direction of the discipline. 

Described as generous, Golden is a favoured professor known for stimulating the interests and refining the academic skills of his students. His insightful works enlighten a broad readership while challenging and advancing the understanding of his colleagues in the field. His book Children and Childhood in Classical Athens is now in its second edition; he has six other books or edited volumes to his credit, not to mention some 48 journal articles and book chapters. In 1998, The University of Winnipeg awarded Golden the Erica and Arnold Rogers Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship.

His reputation as a scholar is further evidenced by numerous invited distinguished lectureships, including the Stubbs Lecturer, University of Toronto and the Edson Memorial Lecturer, University of Wisconsin.

His contributions to The University of Winnipeg over the course of more than thirty years have been remarkable in all areas. Golden has successfully combined excellence in research and teaching with a strong commitment to institutional governance. He has served as a Senate Faculty Representative on the Board of Regents, was a regular member of Senate and worked tirelessly to maintain the library as a key intellectual centre of the institution.

He is seen as a moral compass and a stout defender of the principles of academic freedom. His persistent appeal for equity within the institution has pushed the Faculty Association to take up larger causes.

Mark Golden exemplifies the best of The University of Winnipeg and is considered a true “citizen of the University”; the institution recognizes him as Professor Emeritus.