Parvin Ghorayshi

Professor Emeritus

Parvin Ghorayshi

There is no higher honour for professors than being recognized and appreciated by their students and respected by her colleagues. Parvin Ghorayshi is a professor of sociology at The University of Winnipeg, is well loved and respected by her students, and is being honoured with both the title of Professor Emeritus, lifelong excellence in teaching, research and community involvement within the University, and with the Clifford J Robson Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching. These two awards command the respect of her colleagues and her students and are two of the highest honours that can be bestowed on a faculty member.

Ghorayshi’s teaching style is unique and effective, with a passionate delivery that engages her students. She is commonly described by her students as “gifted with a great teaching style, promoting learning and flexibility while teaching to think critically. Her acceptance of challenging points of view is encouraged without criticism. Parvin and her tireless commitment to her students inspires me to become a better student.”  

Known for her research, Ghorayshi breaks down barriers between people and cultures while acknowledging their differences. “It is important to respect individual experiences,” she says. This journey is openly and collectively shared with her students as she encourages each student to pursue their own path.  

A social justice advocate and feminist, Ghorayshi has devoted herself to research that touches a wide variety of domains including gender, the Middle East, feminism, economic sociology, and community development. One of her colleagues describes her “as a courageous researcher frequently far off the beaten track doing exceptionally detailed and insightful research.” Her students benefit from this strong tenacity and commitment to research.

Ghorayshi encourages class debate, allowing students to employ their knowledge and learn from their peers. She inspires confidence in her students by stressing their unique experiences and the ability of each individual to make a contribution.

The designation of Professor Emeritus earned for her long and prolific academic career and the Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching earned by gaining the respect, support, admiration and recognition of students. Ghorayshi has earned these two acknowledgments, as testament to her commitment, care and dedication to her students, her research and her field of study.