Eva Pip

Eva Pip

BSc (Hons), PhD 

Throughout her long and distinguished career, which spans nearly four decades at The University of Winnipeg, Eva Pip has served the community as a researcher, academic, and advocate for clean water.

Pip sets a standard to which many academics aspire, but few achieve.  She has built a research career on topics of direct interest to the public at large —centering around water quality — and has skillfully communicated this work to the public, all levels of government, and academia.

Pip has long maintained a direct interest in the health and welfare of First Nations communities, and was one of the first to highlight the chronic water quality issues they face. She has conducted extensive work on groundwater and the effects of industrial agriculture. Additionally, Pip was one of the first to emphasize water quality problems on Lake Winnipeg and is an ongoing advocate for its health.

Pip’s expertise is regularly sought out when new reports on water are published, when there is an accidental spill, and when new environmental regulations are proposed. She often is called upon by government agencies and academic colleagues to consult on water issues, and also serves as an expert in legal proceedings when required.

Pip effectively shares her expertise with the public in multiple forums, is always available to offer insight to the media, and is directly engaged in community work.  She still makes time to present papers on her extensive research at national and international meetings and to professional societies, all while serving on numerous boards and advisory committees.

For a second* time, The University of Winnipeg  honours Eva Pip with The Clarence Atchison Award for Excellence in Community Service — a reflection of her vigor, technical expertise, and genuine commitment to service that has helped impact  water protection policy to the benefit of  public and environmental health.

*Dr. Eva Pip received The Clarence Atchison Award for Excellence in Community Service in 1987