Display Windows

Anthropology Museum

Drawing of Display Windows showing numbers 1 through 4 running left to right

Display Windows (Centennial Hall, 4th-Floor)

Our display windows next to the Centennial Hall escalators are where we feature larger, thematic displays of some of our most interesting pieces.

NEW: Our latest exhibits now feature QR Codes linked to the exhibit's text for those who require large text, read aloud, or translated options.

Window 1:   Primatology. What can the study of modern primates tell us about humankind and our ancestors? Come learn about our closest cousins, both large and small in this exhibit featuring casts and replicas from our faunal and bioanthropological collections.

Window 2:  Beads of Resistance, Resilience, and Reconciliation. Beaded vests, moccasins, bags and more illustrate how beadwork is more than a beautiful art form. It is also a spiritual journey, an act of resistance, and a path toward reconciliation.

Window 3:  Egypt Exploration Fund. How did 400 ancient Egyptian artifacts arrive at Wesleyan College in 1903, and what does famed archaeologist Flinders Petrie have to do with it? These questions and more are answered in an exhibit featuring items from our visitor favourite, the Heatherington Collection.

  Window 4:  Porcelain. We’ve dusted off the fine china for this stunning exhibit on porcelain. Visitors will learn about the history and modern applications of a beautiful and versatile ceramic, while enjoying some delicate (and not so delicate) pieces from our ethnographic collections.

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