The Bioanthropology Anthropology Collection

Anthropology Museum

Cast of Skull

Cast of Australopithecus africanus skull STS 5, also known as "Mrs. Ples". The original fossil was discovered at Sterkfontein, Transvaal, South Africa by Robert Broom in 1947.

In the 1970s the Biological Anthropology (Physical Anthropology) collection began as a small number of references casts, but has expanded significantly in the last 40 years. The Museum now houses over 800 specimens and casts dating from the earliest primates to modern times.

Courses taught in Biological Anthropology include Methods and Theory in Biological Anthropology, Introduction to Forensic Anthropology, Primate Adaptation, Biology, and Evolution, Human Osteology, Human Evolutionand Directed Readings/Research in Anthropology.