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Here’s What UIC Students Say…

My Urban and Inner City Studies experiences have supported my healing from trauma and moving forward from the past. I've grown so much because of the family like atmosphere at the Selkirk campus where there is amazing and inspiring staff, instructors, guest speakers and students. Meegwetch. - Chantell Quill, 3rd year UIC student 

It is without a doubt that my experience in the UICS department was exceptionally transformative in the most positive way. Over the past five years, I have been endowed with the capacity to understand and systemically interpret the world in which I live. This systemic understanding has, among many things, imparted within me a profound love and respect for human beings, for which I am infinitely grateful. - Riley McMurry, UIC Honours Grad

Taking classes on Selkirk Avenue is a completely different experience. I like the feeling of community that comes from knowing almost everyone in class and all the staff and faculty here. It’s easy to find somebody to study with or a moment to consult with an instructor.” - Laurel Cassels, 2nd year UIC student

“This program has given me the opportunity not only to study urban experiences but also to see all of the important work being done in Winnipeg related to housing, employment, inclusion and many other areas.  It's enabled me to see Winnipeg as a whole while understanding the differing realities that exist.” - Tyler Blashko, 4th year UIC major

Urban and Inner-City Studies is an interdisciplinary Major concerned with the examination of the city as a dynamic environment. The program combines a traditional urban studies focus with courses that examine various aspects of the inner city, such as the urban Aboriginal experience, the immigrant and refugee experience, and the role of women. In Canada, cities continue to be centres of great challenge: from managing suburban growth to promoting inner-city revitalization; from responding to the opportunities and concerns created by rapidly changing demographics, to those created by globalization and socio-economic change. Cities are also home to increased concentrations of poverty and social and political exclusion. The Urban and Inner-City Studies program provides an opportunity to examine the political, economic, social and spatial context of these and many other important aspects of urban change from an interdisciplinary perspective.