Statistics Program

Fall Term

Winter Term

STAT-1301(3) Statistical Analysis I
STAT-1501(3) Elementary Biological Statistics I

STAT-1302(3) Statistical Analysis II
STAT-2001(3) Elementary Biological Statistics II

MATH-1103/3 Introduction to Calculus I

MATH-1104/3 Introduction to Calculus II**

MATH 1401/3 Discrete Math**

Up to
18 Credit hours (depending on stream) of electives that may include the following:

RHET-1103(3) Academic Writing: Sciences or any other section of Academic Writing if required.*

6 Credit hours of Humanities
See the "Degree and Major Requirements" section of the course calendar for specific course listings

Additional Degree requirement that can be met in your first:
Distribution: A minimum three (3) credit hours from each of five (5) different subjects.

Note: Students may use a maximum of 42 credit hours at 1000 level towards a degree.

*Academic Writing is required if grade less than 80% in English 40S (2 credits). See "Degree and Major Requirements" section of the Academic Calendar for specific requirements.

**Several upper-level Statistics courses require Mathematics courses as prerequisites. If you are intending to major in Statistics, you should take these courses.