Veterinary Medicine Pre-Pro Program

Sample First-Year Programs

Fall Term

Winter Term

ENGL 1001/6 English I
Any two: ENGL 1000/3 English 1A, ENGL 1003/3 English IB, RHET 1005/3 Academic Writing*

BIOL 1115/3 Cells and Cellular Processes

BIOL 1116/3 Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity

CHEM 1111/3 Introduction to the Chemical Properties of Matter

CHEM 1112/3 Basic Principles of Chemical Reactivity

PHYS 1101/6 Foundations of Physics I
PHYS-1301/6 Introduction to Physics
6 credit hours of Electives

6 credit hours in Mathematics OR Statistics

*RHET-1105/3 is required if grade less than 80% in English 40S (2 credits).