Pharmacy Pre-Professional Program

Sample First-Year Programs

Fall Term

Winter Term

BIOL 1115/3 Cells and Cellular Processes

BIOL 1116/3 Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity

CHEM 1111/3 Introduction to the Chemical Properties of Matter

CHEM 1112/3 Basic Principles of Chemical Reactivity

MATH 1101/6 Introduction to Calculus**
MATH 1103/3 Intro to Calculus I and MATH 1104/3 Intro to Calculus II**
MATH 1102/3 Basic Calculus and One 3 credit hour elective*

6 credit hours of electives*

*Students are encouraged to check with the school that they will be applying to for information about additional courses that would be beneficial to taking. Students should contact the Biology Department for specific information on elective options available at The University of Winnipeg
**Introduction to Calculus is required for some University of Winnipeg science degrees
***At least at the 1000 level (Not including Academic Writing)