Kinesiology Program

Sample First-Year Programs

Fall Term

Winter Term

KIN 1101(3) Introduction to Kinesiology

KIN 1601(3) Nutrition for Health and Wellness

KIN 2305(3) Issues in Health

KIN 1200 (3) Principles of Coaching

PSYC 1000(6) Introduction to Psychology

BIOL 1112(6) Human Anatomy and Physiology

RHET 1105(3) Academic Writing:Links with the Disciplines-KIN or any other section of Academic Writing*
OR if Academic Writing not required, 3 credit hours of Non-KIN electives**

3 credit hours of Humanities


*RHET-1105(3) is only required if student receives grade less than 80% in two English 40S classes. See "Degree and Major Requirements" of the Academic Calendar for details.

**Non-KIN electives are any courses not from Kinesiology and Applied Health.

Students may use a maximum of 42 credit hours at 1000 level towards a degree.

Please see the Academic Calendar for degree requirements including pre-requisites. If you have any questions, email