History Program

Sample First-Year Programs

Fall Term

Winter Term

HIST 1010/6 and Introduction to History

POL 1011/6 Introduction to Politics

SOC 1101/6 Introduction to Sociology

FREN 1001/6 Introductory French***
ITAL 1001/6 Introductory Italian
SPA 1001/6 Introductory Spanish

RHET 1105/3 Academic Writing*

3 Credit Hours of Humanities or Science**

Note: Students may use a maximum of 42 credit hours at 1000 level towards a degree.

*RHET-1105/3 is required if grade less than 80% in English 40S (2 credits) see Section VIII of the course calendar for specific requirements.
**See Section VIII of the course calendar for specific course listings and other degree requirements
***Students who have French 40S or permission of the Instructor can take: FREN 1111/6 Practical Language Skills or FREN 1112/6 Grammaire, lexique et lecture