Filmmaking Program

Sample First-Year Programs

Fall Term

Winter Term

THFM-1010/6 Introduction to Film

THFM-1001/6 Introduction to Theatre: Performance

6 credit hours in electives. The following are some suggestions:

HIST-1010/6 An Introduction to History
PHYS-1701/6 An Introduction to Astonomy (meets Science requirement)**
PHIL-1001/6 Introduction to Philosophy
FREN-1001/6 Introduction to French


BUS 1201/3 Introduction to Business I

3 credit hour elective

RHET 1105/3 Academic Writing (Humanities)*

3 Credit Hours of 1st-year English

It is strongly recommended that new students make an appointment to see the department's Student Advisor prior to registering; call 786-9955 to arrange an appointment.

NOTE: Students may use a MAXIMUM of 42 credit hours at the 1000-level towards a degree. Students can take a MAXIMUM of 30 credit hours per year (15 per term).

*RHET-1105/3 Academic Writing is required if student has an average of less than 80% in English 40S (2 credits); see the course calendar for specific requirements.
**See "Degree & Major Requirements" of the course calendar for details.