Kristen A. Hardy

Religion and Culture

Kristen A.  Hardy Title: Contract Instructor
Office: 5th Floor
Building: Rice Building

Biography: Kristen A. Hardy is a PhD Candidate at York University (Toronto), with teaching experience as a Lecturer and Instructor at Brandon University, the University of Winnipeg, and the University of Manitoba. She is an interdisciplinary sociologist, who, in addition to her teaching work in sociology and religious studies, researches and publishes in the areas of science, medicine, and the body. She is also a Teaching Affiliate with Brandon University’s Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology.
Teaching Areas: Religions of South Asia; Death and Dying in World Religions; Sociology of Health and Medicine; Sociology of the Self.

Research Interests:
Embodiment and pathologization in science and medicine; the role of affect in the Victorian sciences; the historical negotiation of human-nonhuman boundaries; the social, cultural, and political constitution of fatness and fat bodies.