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Dr. Jane Barter

Jane Barter Title: Professor
Phone: 204-789-1453
Office: 4M34
Email: j.barter@uwinnipeg.ca


Jane Barter (she/her) holds a PhD from the University of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto (2004).  Her research interests include political theology, theopolitics, memory, and violence.

She has published two monographs of Christian theology: Lord, Giver of Life (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2006) and Thinking Christ: Christology and Contemporary Critics (Fortress Press, 2011). She recently co-edited (with Doris Kieser, St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta) a special volume of the Journal of Moral Theology on the papal visit and apology to survivors of Residential Schools in Canada. She is editor of the Christology volume of The T & T Clark Encyclopedia of Christian Theology. Her current project is a book on witnessing to contemporary atrocities and its theological antecedents.

Teaching Areas:

Christianity, Religion and Gender, Religion and Political Theory.


  • Atheism, Skepticism and Religion (REL-2304)
  • Early and Medieval Christianity (REL-2305)
  • Modern Christianity (REL-2306)
  • Religion and Moral Issues (REL-2425)

Research Interests:

Political Theology, Continental Philosophy of Religion, Memory Studies, Trauma Studies, Gender and Gendered Violence.


PUBLICATIONS (since 2020)

Edited Journals

Barter, Jane and Doris Kieser, “After the Papal Apology,” Journal of Moral Theology 12:1 (2023).

Barter, Jane and Jean-Pierre Fortin, “Circles of Conversation,” A Special Volume of Religious Studies and Theology 39:2 (2020).

Articles, Book Chapters, Encyclopaedia Entries

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Barter, Jane and David Driedger. “Getting Paid and Paying Attention: Basic Income, Theology, and Economics in a Time of Pandemic.” Religious Studies and Theology 40 (2021): 106 -121.

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_____. “Speaking About Her Just Might Heal: Witnessing to Canada's Missing and

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