Dr. Carlos Colorado

Religion and Culture

Carlos  Colorado Title: Associate Professor; Chair
Office: 3C02A
Building: Centennial Hall
Phone: 204-786-9171


Ph.D. – McMaster University (2009)

M.A. – Simon Fraser University (2004)

B.A. – Simon Fraser University (2001)


Dr. Carlos D. Colorado earned his Ph.D. in 2009 from McMaster University, Department of Religious Studies, with expertise in the areas of Religion and Politics and Western Religious Thought. His research and teaching attend critically to the place of religion in western modernity, focusing especially on the ways in which religious thought and practice shape social, political and ethical life in contemporary secular pluralist cultures.

His current research focuses on religion in the public sphere in intercultural contexts, with a primary emphasis on Canada. He is an expert on the work of the Catholic Canadian political philosopher Charles Taylor. Dr. Colorado is currently finalizing a book manuscript entitled “Recovering Transcendence in a Secular Age: Charles Taylor’s Catholic Thought.” Additionally, he is currently editing a special issue for Studies in Religion on the topic of religion at the margins of the secular public sphere.

Colorado at lecternIn summer 2013, Dr. Colorado organized and co-taught (along with Professor Susan Fisher-Stoesz) the department’s inaugural Bordeaux Field Study Program, which provided UW students the opportunity to study religious & cultural phenomena in the focused social context of France. He will be running this field school again in July 2016. Click here to watch a video with student testimonials about the program.

Dr. Colorado was the instructor for CLASS’ first Institute, “Is Canada Secular?” The keynote lecturer for that Institute was the CBC’s Chantal Hébert. Dr. Colorado will teach the 2015 Spring Institute “Public Religion in a Secular World”. This second Institute delivered by CLASS features the inaugural Axworthy Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Cornel West.

Dr. Colorado is on leave until January 1st, 2020. 

Teaching Areas:
Religion and Politics; Religion and Modernity; Secularism and Secularization; Religious Pluralism; Religious Fundamentalisms. 


  • Religion and Culture: The Multifaith Society (REL-2405)
  • Issues in the Study of Secular Society (REL-2406)
  • Religious Critiques of Modernity (REL-3/4514)


With Justin Klassen (eds.) Aspiring to Fullness in a Secular Age: Essays on Religion and Theology in the Work of Charles Taylor. South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2014.

“Transcendent Sources, Expressivism and the Dispossession of the Self,” in Aspiring to Fullness in A Secular Age. Carlos Colorado and Justin Klassen eds. South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2014.Aspiring to Fullness in a Secular Age

“Canadian Ethno-religious Utopias and the Dynamics of Liberal Multiculturalism.” Propéthies et utopies religieuses au Canada, Bernadette Rigal-Cellard (ed.). Bordeaux: Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux, 2012. 191-215.

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Review article of A Secular Age, Touchstone 28/2 (May 2010), 57-68.

“George Grant and Augustine of Hippo on Human Will and Technological Mastery,” Studies in Religion, 38/1 (2009), 99-112.

Manuscripts in Progress

Book Manuscript: “Recovering Transcendence in a Secular Age: Charles Taylor’s Catholic Thought.” Under contract with University of Notre Dame Press

Journal Special Issue: “Religion at the Margins of the Public Sphere” 

Article: “Maximalist Challenges to an Inclusive Public Sphere: The Limits of Open Secularism”

Invited Book Chapter: “Mormonism’s Newfound Publicness: A Shift from Sect to Church?” under review