Protected Disclosure Policy Information

Human Resources

How To Report Suspected Improper Activities

The University of Winnipeg's Protected Disclosure Policy was created to comply with the Manitoba Public Interest Disclosure Act.  The purpose of the policy is to establish processes to facilitate the disclosure and investigation of significant and serious matters relating to the University that are potentially unlawful, dangerous to any person, or injurious to the interests of the University.  The policy is also designed to protect persons who make such disclosures in good faith from reprisals within the meaning of the Act, and to protect the rights of persons against whom allegations are made.

Who Can Report

The University’s Policy/Procedure and the Province of Manitoba Protected Disclosure Act provides protection to any employee of the University who wishes to come forward and make a disclosure in good faith within the definition of wrongdoing provided.

Request for Advice

Any employee can request advice, either in writing or in person from the Director of Audit Services.  This request will receive the same confidentiality and protection from retaliation that a formal disclosure receives.

What Can You Report

Any activity by a University of Winnipeg employee that violates provincial or federal law or regulation or involves gross mismanagement of University resources as defined in the Policy.

Other concerns employees may have about improper activities that do not fall under wrongdoing as it is defined in the Provincial Act, or University Protected Disclosure Policy’s may also be reported to the employee’s supervisor or Audit Services.  These disclosures will be dealt with professionally and confidentially but not necessarily within the Protected Disclosure policy and procedures.

Where to Report

You may report the matter:

  • To your supervisor (or other appropriate university administrator), who will report it to the University’s Director of Audit Services.
  • Directly to the University’s Director of Audit Services
    The University of Winnipeg
    7th Floor Rice Building
  • To the Province of Manitoba Ombudsman

EMERGENCY and SAFETY CONCERNS – An immediate threat to health or safety should be reported to Campus Security at 204.786.6666

How to Report

  • In writing
  • Preference that it done by completing reporting the Disclosure Reporting Form [DOC]
  • Report what you know, but don't perform an investigation - leave that to the investigators
  • Disclosures can be withdrawn, but the Director of Audit Services reserves the right to investigate any disclosure further if deemed in the University’s best interest.

In all circumstances confidentiality will be maintained, to the extent possible.

When to Report  

Employees are encouraged to provide disclosures as soon as possible after coming into possession of information or evidence or wrongdoing in order to allow for a timely investigation process.  University policy requests that information be disclosed within 30 working days.

Protection from Retaliation

If you believe you have been retaliated against for reporting improper activity, please file a complaint with the Director of Audit Services or your supervisor.