Scheduling is an important part of the printing process. Each week, we complete an average of 150 printing and duplicating jobs, generating over 250,000 impressions for university clients. Our turnaround time ranges from 24 hours for a simple photocopying job to a few weeks for a large scale project featuring design work, colour printing and specialized bindery service.

Tips for Planning Your Printing Job:

Good planning goes a long way toward ensuring a successful project!

  • It is important to convey the desired look of a printed piece and your timelines.
  • Supply an accurate description of your project (finished size, color of ink, paper selection, quantity). If possible, include an accurate mock-up of your design.
  • Complete the Printing Requisition Order form in full. If unsure about filling out the order form please call 204.786.9420.
  • If the project is a reprint, include a sample of the last job.
  • Include the name and phone number of a person who is familiar with the job.
  • Cost estimates can be requested regardless of the size of the project and are more accurate when the preliminary specifications closely match those of the finished job.
  • Consult Printing Services before making last minute design decisions. Small changes in design can sometimes make a substantial difference in the cost.
  • Cost estimates are generally valid for 30 days.
  • There are many things that can be done to eliminate time-consuming obstacles and confusion that create unnecessary costs, and to facilitate efficient production of printed materials.

If your project has to be completed by a certain time, we will do everything in our power to help you meet your deadline. Obviously, the bigger (or more complex) the job, the more lead time we require. Please contact Kim Gulas at 204.786.9342  to arrange a meeting to discuss your job.

Turnaround time is based on three factors:

  1. Our volume of work - like most departments, we have busy periods and quiet periods
  2. The complexity of your job - a job that requires design and special bindery work will take longer than a small photocopying job
  3. Our ability to plan ahead - we can often accommodate the near impossible, especially if we have time to prepare

A general rule of thumb is that photocopying will normally be completed within three working days after we receive the job. Most offset printing jobs are completed within seven working days after final artwork approval.

If you are in a rush, you should consider selecting from our wide selection of in-stock papers. Our inventory includes over 150 different weights, colours, and textures of paper. Special orders can increase turnaround time by 2 - 5 days.

To estimate the turn-around time on an order, please contact Kim Gulas at 204.786.9342.