Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice students at the Graduate Studies Reception

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program provides opportunities for graduate training in theory, methods and research, as well as options to learn in research field placements related to potential future domains of employment such as policing, corrections, social services and policy development.

The program may be completed part-time (48 months) or full-time (24 months) and students may pursue a course and project-based or course and thesis-based program of study. Thesis students complete 6 courses for 18 credits and get 9 Thesis credits for 27 total. Course based students complete 24 course credits and another 3 credits when their Research Project is complete. Graduates are prepared for further doctoral study or for mid-level planning/research officer positions in government or the non-profit sector. Because of its flexibility and options for practical and applied studies, the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program will appeal to both in-service professionals as well as traditional students pursuing advanced studies in the social sciences.

MA in Criminal Justice Fact Sheet

Please contact the Graduate Program Chair, Dr. Michelle Bertrand, with your questions or for further information.