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Kin Grads at Work

Where will a Kin degree take you...?

Ever wondered what you can do with your KIN degree? We've KIN-nected with a few Kin grads to see where their degree has taken them....

FromJoel Schollenerg anatomy class, to helping elementary students add movement to their day...

Joel Schollenerg - B.P.H.E. / Bachelor of Education, University of Winnipeg, 2017
Currently: Full-time Grade 6 teacher in Beausejour, Special Education 

Joel realized he had chosen the right career when he took a six-day term position as an elementary school Physical Education teacher in Lac du Bonnet. "With the young kids we learned the fundamentals of jump rope and with the older kids, we played Sabakiball. Every day after teaching I jumped in a canoe and went fishing. This term ended up helping me land my current position. My advice to new graduates is to take every experience you can because it opens doors to opportunities you wouldn't have otherwise had, or thought of having.”

“One thing that Kin taught me is that 'movement is healing.' I've implemented movement into everything from astronaut training camp simulations to multiplication relay races.” With these creative ways of adding in movement, Joel is definitely making learning more fun. The Kin courses he took including caring for sports injuries and human anatomy have been beneficial when coaching.  Joel has also completed a post-baccalaureate degree in Special Education.

...from the art and science of movement, to the rewards of injury rehab
Renée Plante - BSc, Exercise Science, University of Winnipeg, 2016

Currently: Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, Class of 2019

Upon completion of her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science at UWinnipeg, Renée relocated to Edmonton for the Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree at the University of Alberta. "The courses taught in our KIN department laid the foundation for many aspects of rehabilitation principles, which are then further explored in achieving patient-centered outcomes. The opportunity to be mentored in various clinical settings has been extremely beneficial, but the most rewarding experience comes from working alongside patients towards attaining their individual goals."

As a professionally trained dancer from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, she developed a deep appreciation for human movement and the effects of injury on the body. She hopes to one day return to her artistic roots to ensure young dancers can work through their injuries and continue to follow their dreams.

Here is Renée's advice to students entering the Kin program:

  • Don't just memorize, make sure you understand!
  • Be curious and ask lots of questions.
  • Get to know your professors.
  • Take part in a research experience

...To the Olympics
Dr. Tom Hammond - B.A. Kinesiology, 2007
D.Psych (Clinical), Deakin University, Australia, 2014
M.Sc. (sport psychology) University of Manitoba, 2010

Tom relocated to Australia when completing his Doctorate in Psychology and hasn't looked back. He was also a classifier for the 2012 London Paralympics alongside current department member, Dr. Melanie Gregg.

Here are some highlights of Tom's impressive career:

  • Lead clinical and performance psychologist, Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and 2018 Pyeonchang Olympic Games
  • Team Leader, Senior Psychologist - primary-care service at ‘headspace’ Mt. Druitt, Sydney, Australia, 2015.
  • Classifier at the 2015 Pan-Am Games, Toronto.
  • Part of the most successful World Cup season in the history of Australian winter sport 2016-2017

...to Improving others' health & well-being
Dr. Carmelie Capiendo – B.Sc., Exercise Science, 2012, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), 2017
Currently: Chiropractor and Acupuncture Practioner

After graduating from UWinnipeg Carmelie was unsure of what she wanted to do. Through a personal medical experience, she discovered chiropractic.  She applied to the CMCC where her Exercise Science Degree gave her a firm foundation. "My first module of chiropractic school was a review of my entire undergraduate program in Kin." 

Capiendo graduated from CMCC in 2017 and now a Chiropractor and Acupuncture Provider in Winnipeg.  She explains, "It's a great way to see how two very successful and very different clinics operate. One day I hope to open up my own business.”  Dr. Capiendo is also certified in SMART tools instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, Acupuncture and Mental Health First Aid.

"My goal is to empower patients to become advocates for their own health and well-being.
Prevention is more important than treatment of medical issues."

Carmelie's advice to students entering kin: "If there is something you're interested in - go and observe people in the profession to gain a better understanding of what the job entails. If you don’t know what you want to do, go and observe people in the professions - job shadowing sealed the deal for my career choice."  

She also suggest that students speak to their professors and get involved, "Being a part of the Kinesiology Student Association (now known as KATSA) was such an amazing experience for me."

…to your dream job.

Megan Pomarensky, CAT(C) - 4-year BSc. in Athletic Therapy, 2012
Currently: Athletic Therapist

Megan Pomarensky is a Certified Athletic Therapist who has achieved her dream job because she is able to: "Help people achieve their health and fitness goals.”  Megan was the Medical Venue Coordinator for Athletic Therapy at the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg - considered one of the most successful Canada Summer Games.

Career Highlights:

  • Spent the last 12 years as a full-time clinical Athletic Therapist
  • Worked her way up to Head Therapist for a Canadian Junior Football League team
  • Official service provider for the Canadian Sport Centre of Manitoba.

Megan's advice for current Kin student?  She says, "Take every opportunity that you can, and if it's out of your comfort zone, even better! Go out and meet and learn from other AT students, certified ATs, and practitioners of other disciplines; you never know where that meeting can take you." 

KATSA Career Seminar Interviews

Check out the videos below to explore the infinite career possibilities Kinesiology & Applied Health has to offer! 


Lynnsey - Chronic Disease Program Coordinator


Mike - Manager of Off-Ice Programming 


Krista - Certified Hand Therapist PT


Brigette - Physician Assistant


Alexis - Manager of School Sports Programs


Flo - Disability Case Manager

The Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology & Applied Health is built on a long tradition of excellence in academics and athletics. We would like to hear from you. Tell us about your work, your play, your city - where has a University of Winnipeg Kin degree taken you? Please email us at kinesiology@uwinnipeg.ca.