Kin Grads at Work

Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health


Tom Hammond, PhD., is the lead clinical and performance psychologist with the 2018 Australian Winter Olympic Team.


Dr. Carmelie Capiendo graduated from CMCC in 2017 and is now a Chiropractor in Winnipeg.


AT grad Florent Thezard is a lab instructor for Kin, and completing a Master's in Biomechanics.


Harley Thwaites, 2nd from the right, completed the UW-Irish Athletic Therapy Exchange Program.

Where will a Kin degree take you?

...To the Olympics
Dr. Tom Hammond - B.A. Kinesiology, 2007
D.Psych (Clinical), Deakin University, Australia, 2014
M.Sc. (sport psychology) University of Manitoba, 2010

Currently: Clinical and Performance Psychologist, 2018 Australian Winter Olympic Team

Tom Hammond is currently in South Korea for the Winter Olympics as part of the Australian Team. He relocated to Australia when completing his Doctorate in Psychology and hasn't looked back. Tom is the lead clinical and performance psychologist working with Aussie athletes in their quest for the podium. He was also a classified for the 2012 London Paralympics alongside our current department Chair, Dr. Melanie Gregg. This is one Olympics, where I suspect that we in Kin will be cheering for Austrailia as well as Canada on the slopes.

Here are some highlights of Tom's impressive career so far:

  • Lead clinical and performance psychologist, Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and 2018 Pyeonchang Olympic Games
  • Team Leader, Senior Psychologist - primary-care service at ‘headspace’ Mt. Druitt, Sydney, Australia, 2015.
  • Paralympic Classifier at 2012 London Paralympics (alongside Kin Department Chair, Dr. Melanie Gregg), and 2015 Pan-Am Games, Toronto.
  • Part of the most successful World Cup season in the history of Australian winter sport 2016-2017!

  • Coached Varsity Boys Volleyball Team since 2010, reaching the Final 4 in 2015
  • Named Volleyball Manitoba AAAA Boys 'Coach of the Year' in 2015
  • Travelling with students to Europe in April 2017 for the 100th Vimy Ridge Commemoration
  • Taking 30 students on an outdoor ed class in Costa Rica, February 2018.

Mr. Jones advises current kinesiology students to, "Take full advantage of the University experience.
Get involved in different events. Volunteer at things. It’s a great way to meet people and have
new experiences. If you’re entering the field of Education, you’ll need experience working with
young people so coach, volunteer, that kind of thing. Make connections in the community. These
contacts will be very important when it comes time to find a job. And remember to take care of
yourself! You need to eat, sleep and exercise."

...To Improve Others' Health & Well-being
Dr. Carmelie Capiendo – B.Sc., Exercise Science, 2012, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), 2017*

Currently: Chiropractor and Acupuncture Practioner

After graduating from UWinnipeg Carmelie was unsure of what she wanted to do. She worked at Grant Park High School as a Career Advisor for a year. It was then, through a personal medical experience, that she discovered chiropractic and knew what she wanted to do.  She applied to the CMCC where her Exercise Science Degree gave her a firm foundation, as she put it, "My first module of chiropractic school was a review of my entire undergraduate program in Kin." 

Capiendo graduated from CMCC in 2017 and now a Chiropractor and Acupuncture Provider at two Winnipeg clinics.  She explains, "It's a great way to see how two very successful and very different clinics operate. One day I hope to open up my own business."

Dr. Capiendo is also certified in SMART tools instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, Acupuncture and Mental Health First Aid. Typical treatments she'd perform include: spinal manipulation therapy, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises, modalities such as: laser, therapeutic ultrasound, traction etc., and nutritional advice.

Her treatment philosophy is to motivate and empower patients to make informed health care decisions by educating and providing information and resources: "My goal is to empower patients to become advocates for their own health and well-being."

Kinesiology was the foundation for her education as a Chiropractor: learning how the body moves and functions which is the basis of Chiropractic care. It was through studying KIN that she became more aware of her own personal health and wellness goals, "Prevention became more important than treatment of medical issues."

Carmelie's advice to students entering kin: "If there is something you're interested in go and observe people in the profession to gain a better understanding of what the job entails. If you don’t know what you want to do, go and observe people in the professions! When I was looking into the chiropractic profession I googled all the chiropractic clinics in Winnipeg and called each office asking if they would allow me to shadow them for a few hours** - job shadowing sealed the deal for my career choice."  

She also suggest that students speak to their professors and get involved, "Being a part of the Kinesiology Student Association (now known as KATSA) was such an amazing experience for me."
Her final thoughts, "If you’re planning on going into chiropractic take a few business courses*** you’ll be happy you did!"

* UWinnipeg has a credit Transfer Agreement with CMCC - click here to learn more.

** The Department of Kinesiology & Applied Health provides the opportunity for Univesity or interested high school students to 'shadow' a Kin student for a day - including attending classes, and the clinic in the case of the Athletic Therapy program stream.

*** UWinnipeg offers a 4-year B.Sc. in Kinesiology with a Business Stream

...To work with Professional Athletes

Florent Thezard, CAT(C) - B.Sc., Athletic Therapy, 2013

Currently: Athletic Therapist, Lab Instructor, Graduate Student

Florent Thezard (aka Flo) remains a familiar face around the Duckworth Centre. After 4 years as a student, he is now really enjoying his time on the other side of the white-board, as it were, as a lab instructor (and his learning continues through the questions the students' pose).  Flo is a busy man: in addition to being a certified Athletic Therapist and a part-time Kin lab instructor, he is also working on his Master's in Biomechanics. While his graduate work is at the University of Manitoba, with Dr. Rob Pryce as his thesis advisor and mentor, Flo still feels like UWinnipeg is  his home-base. Flo also noted how well his undergrad education in the AT program stream prepared him to write the CATA exam which he completed soon after graduating.

A few career Highlights Flo mentioned was the opportunity to work with professional athletes (including athletes from the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, Canadian Football League, National Football League) - pretty exciting for anyone involved with athletes and sports. Fully bilingual in French, Monsier Thezard is also Head Athletic Therapist at the Université de Saint-Boniface working specifically with all the ball-sport athletes: volleyball, soccer and futsal athletes.

Advice to students
  • Don’t be shy – talk to lots of people, ask questions.
  • Expand your comfort zone, try new things to find out what you really enjoy.

Megan Pomeransky is a Certified Athletic Therapist who has achieved her dream job because she is able to: "Help people achieve their health and fitness goals.” 
This past summer Megan was the Medical Venue Coordinator for AT  for the 2017 Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg - considered one of the most successful Canada Summer Games as well as the notable 50th incarnation.

Career Highlights:

  • Spent the last 4 years in the full-time clinical job she envisioned when starting her degree
  • Worked her way up to Head therapist for a Canadian Junior Football League season
  • Official service provider for the Canadian Sport Centre of Manitoba.