International Development Studies

Sample Courses

Introduction to International Development Studies is a first-year course that examines key development issues, concepts, and theories. The course evaluates what has been done in the name of development at the individual, community, national, and international levels, particularly in light of poverty, gender, and environmental issues. This course is the gateway to all other International Development Studies courses.

Participatory Local Development focuses on participatory, local-level development models as alternatives to national economic development models. Students examine the nature of chronic poverty and review historic efforts at community development, community economic development, and cooperative formation. They also analyze current emphases on participation and empowerment, gender equity, social capital, sustainable livelihoods, social justice, and local governance.

Environmental Sustainability: A Global Dilemma is a second-year course that examines sustainable development from an interdisciplinary perspective, accenting socioeconomic and ecological issues such as biodiversity, overconsumption, and population growth.

Practicum is a supervised work experience in a setting related to international development. It is a chance to gain work experience related to your studies and integrate your work experience with the rest of your courses.

More sample courses include:

  • African Development Issues
  • Development Aid Policy & Practise
  • Conflict and Development Issues in Indigenous Communities
  • Crisis, Humanitarian Aid & Development
  • Development Ethics
  • Voluntary Simplicity

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