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Our Vision - Helping Youth Dream Big- Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund seeks specifically to support Indigenous students, new Canadians and refugees, and students from inner-city neighbourhoods. The goal is to bridge the graduation gap and support a university-bound identity for everyone.

The Opportunity Fund provides fast-track bursaries and tuition credits. Most recently, it also offers tuition waivers to youth leaving the child welfare system, a program pioneered at UWinnipeg now being replicated across the country. More than 30 students are enrolled in the Tuition Waiver program and eight students have graduated with degrees from UWinnipeg (as of May 2017).

Approximately $3 million has been dispersed to 3,000 students in financial need, supporting more than 280 UWinnipeg graduates to date.

Students can find out more about the Opportunity Fund and other Indigenous financial assistance programs and awards here. 

The Opportunity Fund relies on generous donors. Details at the UWinnipeg’s Foundation.