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Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Small-Centre Settlement Service Provider Organizations (SPOs) in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta [PDF]
By: Dr. Jill Bucklaschuk, Amanda Carvalho, and Dr. Ray Silvius
With contributions from: 
Don Boddy, Leesha Kanbour, Laurie Sawatzky, Janvi Tuteja, and Dr. Lori Wilkinson

Putting Home at the Heart of Refugee Resettlement
By: Ray Silvius, Hani Ataan Al-Ubeady and Emily Halldorson

Putting Home at the Heart of Refugee Resettlement - Report Summary
By: Ray Silvius, Hani Ataan Al-Ubeady and Emily Halldorson

Supporting Newcomers and Migrants in Rural Canada During and Afer COVID-19
By: Louis Helps, Ray Silvius and Ryan Gibson

Supported Transitions:
Effective Educational Approaches for Older Refugee Youth with Interrupted Schooling
By: Nicole Jowett with contributions from Ray Silvius, Abdikheir Ahmed, and Noëlle DePape

Enhancing the Educational Outcomes for South Sudanese Refugee Youth:
Laying the Groundwork for International Comparative Research [PDF]
By: Reuben Garang with contributions by Jessica Praznik, Ray Silvius, and Jobb Arnold

Resettling Refugees' Social Housing Stories
By: Ray Silvius, Hani Al-ubeady and Emily Halldorson

Making Social Housing Friendly for Resettling Refugees
By: Ray Silvius, Emily Halldorson, and Hani Al-ubeady

Youth Engagement in Ethnocultural Organizations in Winnipeg [PDF]
By: Jill Bucklaschuk, Janelle Gobin, and Ray Silvius

Ethnocultural Community Organizations in Winnipeg: A Legacy Document [PDF]
Prepared by: Jill Bucklaschuk, PhD. with assistance from Reuben Garang and Janelle Gobin

Research and Policy Briefs

MIRRA Research Brief - The Role of Domestic In-migrants for the Revitalization of Marginal Island Communities in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan [PDF]
By Simona Zollet (corresponding author) and Meng Qu, Hiroshima University (Japan)

MIRRA Research Brief - Bringing Gender into the Analysis of Syrian Refugee Settlement and Integration in Rural Ontario [PDF]
By Rana Telfah, University of Guelph

MIRRA Research Brief - Globalization and Migration Processes: African Populations in Spain and Central Americans Crossing Mexico [PDF]
ByTalina Contreras Dávila

MIRRA Research Brief - From Immigrant-Friendly to Immigrant-Competent: Improving the Immigrant “Dating Game” of Smaller Communities [PDF]
By Marc Valade, Ryerson University

MIRRA Research Brief - Newcomer Integration and Educating Canadians [PDF]
By: Michelle Lam

MIRRA Research Brief - Refugees Discuss their Settlement Experience in New Brunswick [PDF]
By Mikael Hellstrom

MIRRA Research Brief - Refugee Mental Health Practice in Rural Communities: Understanding Cross-Cultural Differences [PDF]
By Lavan Kandiah

Short Reports

Building Indigenous-Newcomer Relationships: Visit to Brokenhead Ojibway Nation [PDF]
Prepared by: Hani Ataan Al-ubeady and Roxana Akhmetova