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    Dilbarjot Ross A. Johnston Scholarship in Mathematics and Statistics

    Lovepreet Singh The University of Winnipeg President's Scholarship for World Leaders

    Narges Amiri Jeff Babb Scholarship in Statistics

    Trisha Anterola Fred Douglas Place Residents' Tribute Scholarship

    Kiera Augusto Brian J. Hyslop Memorial Scholarship in Physics

    Ferdinand Avikpe Dr. Jessie Blackwood Lang Scholarship; Salem Abd-El-Aziz International Chemistry Scholarship

    Nabiha Bashir Barre Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit

    Abigail Benson Alumni Entrance Scholarship

    Ainsley Clarke Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit

    Zachary Cloutier Lions Club of Winnipeg Housing Centres 25th Anniversary Scholarship

    Nicole Coderre Larry A. Didow Scholarship (for Students with a Physical Disability)

    Tekla Cunningham Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship

    Caitlyn Cure Garnet Kyle Scholarship – Year 2

    Mickey Daly Erica and Arnold Rogers Entrance Scholarship

    Taylar Duthie Leo Mol Scholarship

    Liam Fergus Alumni Family Achievement Scholarship

    Olivia Ferreira Dr. Randy Kobes Memorial Scholarship

    Aliyah Fritsch Margaret E. Nix and Slade C. Nix Entrance Scholarship

    Nikolas Furletti University of Winnipeg Retirees Association Scholarship

    Anjali Goel Klaus and Ingrid Philipp Scholarship in Biochemistry

    Michael Grehan Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship; Crawford Campbell Memorial Scholarship

    Mitchell Guimond The Jennifer Moore Rattray Award - Undergraduate

    Katrin Hamm Sandra and Harvey Secter Scholarship

    Ava Jersak Alumni Entrance Scholarship; Chancellor's Special Entrance Scholarship

    Pooja Kadakia Sir William Stephenson Scholarship

    Allyster Klassen United College Class of '50 Reunion Scholarship

    Nora Kroeger Environmental Awareness and Impact Scholarship

    Armaine Laureano George A. Grierson Memorial Scholarships

    Tegan Ledoux Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Centennial Entrance Scholarship

    Silas Leggett Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit

    Russell Malabanan George Tomlinson Scholarship in Biochemistry

    Kaitlyn Merrill Sir William Stephenson Scholarship

    Piper Nelson The University of Winnipeg President's Scholarship for World Leaders

    Harshvi Patel Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholarship

    Jonah Perlmutter Dr. George and Doris Johnson Entrance Scholarship

    Thi Thao Vy Phan The University of Winnipeg President's Scholarship for World Leaders

    Colton Phillips Alice Chambers Forest Enhancement Scholarship

    Campbell Reed Manitoba Forestry Association Dr. Alan B. Beaven Forestry Scholarship

    Joseph Reznichek The Philipp Scholarship

    Deirdre Rooney Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship - Year 3

    Gabriela Santos Silva George A. Grierson Memorial Scholarships; Winnipeg Police Service Opportunity Scholarship in Memory of Injured and Fallen Officers

    Adrian Siapno Ingrid and Klaus Philipp Scholarship in Chemistry

    Kyra Sigurdson Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship - Year 1; Betty Anna Isfeld Entrance Scholarship

    Shawna Skelton H.V. Rutherford Scholarship; The Donald Kerr Scholarship in Honours Physics

    Olivia Skinner Alumni Entrance Scholarship

    Lalisa Tamiru Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit

    Keegan Teetaert Kyocera Applied Computer Science Scholarship

    Krystoffer Tennant Westcoast Energy Inc. Scholarship in Applied Computer Science

    Amy Thorkelson Harry S. Crowe Scholarship

    Tiana Tiede Jan and Fred Butler Scholarship

    Arshdeep Warha Rev. John H. and Mrs. Myrtle (Webster) Shemilt Scholarship

    Kathleen Watts Marsha P. Hanen Entrance Scholarship – Year 3

    Alexandra Wiebe R. Fletcher Argue Scholarship

    Katrina Wilcox Environmental Awareness and Impact Scholarship

    Melanie William Environmental Awareness and Impact Scholarship

Featured Science Student

Michael GrehanMichael Grehan
Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship; Crawford Campbell Memorial Scholarship

"I’d like to specially thank the donors of the awards I’ve received throughout the years, along with the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Physics. Both of which have continued to support me throughout my academic career at The University of Winnipeg. These awards have really serious impacts on students lives and help them to continue on in their studies. I don’t think I would be where I am without these awards honestly."

 Message from the Dean

Doug Goltz Dr. Doug Goltz
Dean of Science, The University of Winnipeg

"I certainly appreciate having this opportunity to participate in this year’s awards event and I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all of our award-winning students this year.

"One of the most rewarding things as the Dean of Science is to be a part of these events and this year is certainly no exception.

"Finally, to all our family and friends who attended this event: your support for our hardworking students is very much appreciated. To all of our sponsors and donors: your gifts make these scholarships and this awards event possible, and for this I would like to extend a most sincere thanks."

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