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Awards Night celebrates scholarships valued at $1,000 and above

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    Alberta Shearer Loeb Memorial Scholarship

    Alexander and Catharine Smith Scholarship in Sociology

    Alice Chambers Forest Enhancement Scholarship

    Allan J. Ryckman Memorial Scholarship

    Alumni Entrance Scholarship

    Alumni Family Achievement Scholarship

    Angela Elizabeth Davis Memorial Prize in Art History

    Bethia Henry Memorial Scholarship in Sociology

    Betty Anna Isfeld Entrance Scholarship

    Brian J. Hyslop Memorial Scholarship in Physics

    Buhler Economics Major Scholarship

    Canada Life Business Student Scholarship and Work Placement

    Carl Ridd Scholarship in the Humanities

    Cecil Essadelle Rombough Memorial Entrance Scholarship

    Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship

    Chancellor's Special Entrance Scholarship

    Chuck Badcock Scholarship in Athletic Therapy

    Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice

    Constance Waters Scholarship in Education

    CPA of Manitoba Foundation Inc. Aboriginal Business Scholarship

    Crawford Campbell Memorial Scholarship

    D.J. Jessiman Scholarship in Political Science

    David R. Dyck Prize in History

    Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholarship

    Dr. George and Doris Johnson Entrance Scholarship

    Dr. Jessie Blackwood Lang Scholarship

    Dr. John and Elizabeth Coté Award for Highest Standing in Psychology Methodology

    Dr. Lloyd Siemens Memorial Scholarship in English

    Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson Scholarship in Canadian History

    Dr. Randy Kobes Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. Royden and Dr. Angela Davis Memorial Scholarship

    Dr. Tobasonakwut Kinew Scholarship for Culture, History and Language

    E. Phyllis Smith Scholarship in English Literature

    Edith Lindsay Memorial Scholarship

    Edmond and Dorothy Dyck Scholarship In Education

    Elliott-Harvey Scholarship in Education

    Enbridge Pipelines Inc. Scholarship

    Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Centennial Entrance Scholarship

    Enterprise Rent-a-Car Scholarship in Business and Economics

    Environmental Awareness and Impact Scholarship

    Erica and Arnold Rogers Entrance Scholarship

    Erica and Arnold Rogers Scholarship in Applied Computer Science

    Erica and Arnold Rogers Scholarship in Criminal Justice

    Fred Douglas Place Residents' Tribute Scholarship

    Freemasons of Manitoba Award in Human Rights

    Friesen-Wendl Corrections Memorial Scholarship

    Garnet Kyle Scholarship - Year 1

    Garnet Kyle Scholarship - Year 2

    George A. Grierson Memorial Scholarships

    George Tomlinson Scholarship in Biochemistry

    Gisela Saborowski Memorial Scholarship

    Gord Mackie Scholarship in Athletic Therapy

    Grace O'Farrell Scholarship

    H. Sanford Riley Scholarship in Environmental Economics

    H.V. Rutherford Scholarship

    Hanna Family Scholarship

    Harry S. Crowe Scholarship

    Henry Edmison Duckworth Entrance Scholarship

    Henry Enns International Disabilities Rights Scholarship

    Ingrid and Klaus Philipp Scholarship in Chemistry

    Iva Stewart Leins Scholarship

    Jack Little Memorial Scholarship

    James E. and Lyna McNeil General Proficiency Scholarship

    James G. Oborne Scholarship

    Jan and Fred Butler Scholarship

    Jeff Babb Scholarship in Statistics

    Jo Lindal Memorial Scholarship

    John K. Macdonald Memorial Fund Award in Education - Year 3

    Joseph Wolinsky Memorial Scholarship in the Social Science

    Joyce Aitken Scholarship in Education

    Judge Walter J. Lindal Memorial Scholarship

    Kay Unruh Des Roches Memorial Scholarship

    Kevin Freedman Mature Student Scholarship

    Klaus and Ingrid Philipp Scholarship in Biochemistry

    Kyocera Applied Computer Science Scholarship

    L. Olive Willison Entrance Scholarship

    Larry A. Didow Scholarship (for Students with a Physical Disability)

    Larry A. Didow Scholarship for Students (with a Learning Disability)

    Leo Mol Scholarship

    Lions Club of Winnipeg Housing Centres 25th Anniversary Scholarship

    Manitoba Brain Injury Athletic Therapy Scholarship

    Manitoba Forestry Association Dr. Alan B. Beaven Forestry

    Margaret E. Nix and Slade C. Nix Entrance Scholarship

    Marsha P. Hanen Entrance Scholarship - Year 1

    Marsha P. Hanen Entrance Scholarship - Year 3

    Marsha P. Hanen Undergraduate Scholarship

    Mary Talbot Memorial Scholarship in Education

    Meadwell Scholarship in French

    Merlene Scholarship Fund

    Mr. and Mrs. Ong Hoo Hong Emerging Writers Prize

    Muriel and Michael Ewanchuk Scholarship in History

    Norman Kehler Spanish Studies Scholarship

    Patrick Deane Provost Prize

    Patty Kirk Scholarship in Education

    Peter Pauls Scholarship in English

    R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships

    Rev. John H. and Mrs. Myrtle (Webster) Shemilt Scholarship

    Robert and Kathryn Young Scholarship in European History

    Robert P. Purves Memorial Scholarship

    Rose Nolan Scholarship

    Ross A. Johnston Scholarship in Mathematics and Statistics

    Rutherford-Altnow Scholarship in History

    Salem Abd-El-Aziz International Chemistry Scholarship

    Sam Diamond Athletic Therapy Scholarship

    Sandra and Harvey Secter Scholarship

    Sharon Greening Award

    Sir William Stephenson Scholarship

    Stanley Knowles Scholarship in Political Science

    Steven Andrew Hurst Memorial Award

    The Carol Bennett Davis Endowment Award

    The Coppinger Family Award

    The Donald Kerr Scholarship in Honours Physics

    The Honourable Douglas Everett Entrepreneurial Opportunity

    The Honourable Dr. Lloyd Axworthy and Denise Ommanney Opportunity Fund Bursary

    The Jennifer Moore Rattray Award - Undergraduate

    The John Roberts Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

    The Judith F. Gainsbury Memorial Scholarship in

    The Mabel & Jack - Mabel Slatcher McPhedran and Jack McPhedran Tribute Bursary

    The Maria Graciete and Jose Correia Family Scholarship

    The Philipp Scholarship

    The Red River Cooperative Scholarship in support of Cooperative Studies

    The Robert Lothian Human Resources Award

    The Skoog Prize

    The University of Winnipeg President's Scholarship for World Leaders

    Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Scholarship

    United College Class of '50 Reunion Scholarship

    University of Winnipeg Retirees Association Scholarship

    University of Winnipeg Women's Auxiliary Entrance Scholarship

    University of Winnipeg Women's Auxiliary Scholarship

    University of Winnipeg Women's Auxiliary Scholarship in Criminal Justice

    University of Winnipeg Women's Auxiliary Scholarship in WGS

    UW Women's Auxiliary Scholarship in Theology

    Victor Batzel Faculty of Arts Research Scholarship

    Victor Batzel Scholarship in the Humanities

    Vivian Doris Glass Memorial Scholarship

    Walter E. Swayze Scholarship in English

    Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship - Year 2

    Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship - Year 1

    Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship - Year 3

    Westcoast Energy Inc. Scholarship in Applied Computer Science

    William "Billy" Murphy Scholarship in Theatre

    William James Millar Indigenous Scholarship

    Winifred Gamble Bursary

    Winnipeg Police Service Opportunity Scholarship in Memory of Injured and Fallen Officers

    Wu Chung Scholarship

Thank Yous

"When I received this award, it meant that my educational journey could get started and stay in motion…As a single mother and full time student, receiving this award means I can also continue to strive for towards educational success without having to worry about the expenses and missing out on other educational gains…This support goes beyond what I could have imagined and everyday I am thankful for so many positive opportunities I am able to contribute to.

"I would like to thank the donors of this award for allowing some financial strain to be taken off my shoulders. It will allow me to focus more on my schooling and increase the positive outlook on my education. Thirdly, receiving this award has also allowed myself to be prepared for any other expenses that attending university may create. This award will also be used to continue my education in the future and save up for more educational opportunities. Once again, thank you!"

– Shay-Lynn S. (Undeclared)

"I appreciate this bursary immensely, as it not only provides financial aid, but also invaluable encouragement.  This award has given me increased confidence to finish the remaining courses in my degree to the very best of my abilities.  Furthermore, it feels incredible to be recognized by such an important organization, that is involved in creating meaningful and lasting change. Additionally, the financial aid received will help me pay for tuition. During these difficult times, this bursary will help to support me through the winter term by not only paying for courses, but also by reducing stress, and improving morale. As we progress through the year ahead, I am grateful for this award and the inspiration I have gained from it. Once again, thank you very much."

– Mitchell H. (Arts)

"I am a student and father of 3 beautiful children, one of which is only 4 months old.  My family is low income and with my partner on maternity leave we are financially very strained.  This award will help in off-setting some of the expenses of going to school which helps in alleviating our financial stresses, allowing me to better focus on my education.

"Thank you for selecting me as a recipient of this award.  This money is very much welcomed as it helps in reducing the financial strain associated with being a full-time student with children.  This was a blessing and I am truly thankful."

– William H. (Arts & Education)

"This award allows me to continue on to finish my final year at this university! With COVID-19 affecting my ability to work over the summer it was difficult to come up with the money for tuition. This bursary has allowed me to complete my U of W degree with no student loans and I am so grateful for this. 

"Thank you so much for donating this money to the university. It has helped me so much with my educational goals. At the start of the school year I was very worried about what I would do if I didn't have enough money for my winter term at the U of W and this bursary put me in a position to complete my degree and enter the workforce. I have funded my degree with my own money as my family didn't have anything extra to give me towards it. Getting these bursaries makes me feel like I have a family member out there somewhere that’s helping me succeed with my post-secondary education. So once again thank you so much!"

– Hayley H. (Science)

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