Applied Computer Science

The Applied Computer Science major is designed to prepare students in the following core areas: Programming Fundamentals (object-oriented, event driven, algorithms), Information Management (database systems, data modeling, data warehousing, relational databases, query languages), Software Engineering (software requirements and design, software process, software project management), Operating Systems, Net-Centric Computing (Internet programming, networks, security), Human Computer Interaction (GUI Design and Programming), Intelligent Systems (Machine Learning). Our team-oriented courses are meant to strengthen communication skills, experience group dynamics, and foster self-confidence. The 4-year major includes the development of a team-based software project for a local IT organization. Our program will help develop analytical thinking and applied skills by blending theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. The Applied Computer Science major is designed to provide an excellent basis for graduate studies in either computer science or applied computing.

Applied Computer Science - Information Systems Stream
The Information Systems (IS) stream is aimed at students interested in focusing on information and business needs of IT industry. The new stream is intended to prepare students in information oriented courses, and also in system and Internet based technologies. Sample courses include: Internet programming, database design and development, software requirements and design, telecommunications, business application systems and eCommerce. One advantage of this stream is that students can easily combine this stream as a double major with another department for a Bachelors degree in arts or science.

Applied Computer Science - Health Informatics Stream
The Health Informatics(HI) stream provides students with more focused courses in Health information needs, infrastructure, standards, and jurisdiction. This stream has been designed in close cooperation with Manitoba e-Health. The HI stream includes upper year courses to address specific needs of the Health industry, e.g., Health Care information requirements and standards, regulatory environment, clinical terminologies, standards and professional practice. The HI stream complements offerings of the ACS department, and gives students flexibility of combining all three areas of IT, Business, and Health.