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Our Mission

The University of Winnipeg is committed to excellence in post-secondary education through undergraduate and selected graduate programs, rooted in the liberal arts and culminating in degrees such as those in Arts, Science, Education, and Theology. In pursuit of our mission, we are guided by the knowledge that our primary responsibility is to our students, to whom we strive to offer a community which appreciates, fosters, and promotes values of human dignity, equality, nondiscrimination and appreciation of diversity. We view both accessibility and excellence as important goals, and will endeavour to make the University as accessible as we can while maintaining high standards of quality in our academic programs. In the practice of scholarly enquiry through both teaching and research, we provide students with breadth and depth of knowledge, the skills to communicate effectively and to make informed decisions, an understanding of the ethical problems facing our society, and an appreciation of the full range of human, aesthetic, and environmental values.