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Vice-President, Research and Innovation:

Jini Distasio

Jino Distasio
phone: 204.982.1147
email: j.distasio@uwinnipeg.ca

Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation:
Jaime Cidro
phone: 204.988.7675
email: j.cidro@uwinnipeg.ca

Executive Assistant:
Bea Spearing

phone: 204.786.9734
email: b.spearing@uwinnipeg.ca

Lead Program Officer, Research Partnerships:
Lauren Bosc
phone: 204.988.7184
email: l.bosc@uwinnipeg.ca

Program Officer, Natural Sciences Research:
Rachel Keijzer
phone: 204.786.9137
email: r.keijzer@uwinnipeg.ca

Program Officer, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Decolonization and Research:
Larissa Wodtke
phone: 204.258.2983
email: l.wodtke@uwinnipeg.ca

Program Officer, Research Implementation and Ethics:
Theresa Mackey
phone: 204.786.9058
email: t.mackey@uwinnipeg.ca

Program Officer, Canada Research Chair Advisor and Special Initiatives:
Dylan Jones

phone: 204.258.3065
email: d.jones@uwinnipeg.ca

Legal and Administrative Assistant:

phone: 204.258.3058
email: a.arshnoor@uwinnipeg.ca 

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