Graduate Academic Calendar

Registrar's Office

Graduate Calendar CoverThe Graduate Academic Calendar is a comprehensive document that covers all the University's master's program requirements, course descriptions, and rules and regulations. 

Use an Academic Calendar as a catalogue to explore different programs.  Use it as a reference tool to check requirements, regulations, policies and academic dates.

Please note that not every course listed in the Calendar will be offered in this academic year. Courses offered in an upcoming term are listed in the Timetable and in WebAdvisor.

New 2016-2017 edition - Now Available!

See the sidebar for all the sections in the NEW 2016-2017 graduate edition. 

(If the sidebar is not visible, try making your browser window larger.)

A limited number of print copies of the new Graduate Academic Calendar is now available at the Graduate Studies Office, Room 1BC06.


Starting in 2015, for the first time, a separate Graduate Academic Calendar was published.  Here is that first edition:

2015-2016 Graduate Academic Calendar [PDF]

Before 2015, graduate programs were included as a section called "Graduate Studies" within the whole University Calendar.
For information on graduate programs in academic years prior to 2015, please see the "Archives" on the Undergraduate Academic Calendar page.