2SLGBTQ+ Solidarity Collective

The UWinnipeg 2SLGBTQ+ Solidarity Collective is a group of faculty and students that formed in 2023 with the goal of protecting and advancing trans rights on campus. We seek to foster a safe and inclusive space on campus for all by facilitating ongoing scholarly and community conversations that build solidarity with Two-spirit, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Alyson Brickey

Dr. Alyson Brickey is Assistant Professor of English. Her teaching and research focus on modernist American literature and critical theory, particularly the relationship between literary aesthetics and contemporary politics.

Roewan Crowe

Dr. Roewan Crowe is Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies. Through performance, installation, video, text, and theory, Dr. Crowe creates intimate landscapes, making space for transformation, connection, and queer encounters. Their work engages with queer/trans/feminist ecologies, questions of form, site-specificity, and alternative modes of curation.

Angela Failler

Dr. Angela Failler is Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies and Tier II Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory. She directs the Centre for Research in Cultural Studies, is a Research Affiliate with the Institute for Women's & Gender Studies, and teaches and supervises the MA Cultural Studies program. Her research is focused on culture and public memory.

Melissa Funke

Dr. Melissa Funke is Assistant Professor of Classics. Dr. Funke's research interests include Greek tragic fragments, gender and sexuality in antiquity, Greek literature of the Roman Empire, and Greek colour terminology.

Jason Hannan

Dr. Jason Hannan is Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications. From 2010 to 2012, he was a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Rhetoric and Public Culture Program at Northwestern University. He was also a Visiting Scholar at Northwestern’s Buffett Institute for Global Affairs. He joined UWinnipeg in 2013.

Peter Ives

Dr. Peter Ives is Professor of Political Science. His research interests include the role of language in political and democratic theory, cultural studies, Marxisms, critical theory, and feminism. His current project, funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant, investigates the intersections between language politics and global capitalism.

Sabrina Mark

Dr. Sabrina Mark is Research Coordinator at the Centre for Research in Cultural Studies (CRiCS). Her research interests include children’s literature; race, gender and nationalism; textual depictions of dress; and the fiction of L.M. Montgomery.

Heather Milne

Dr. Heather Milne is Professor of English. Dr. Milne's research focuses on contemporary poetics, mostly in a North American context, with a specific focus on gender and sexuality.

Noah Schulz

Dr. Noah Schulz is an Instructor in Political Science and Women’s & Gender Studies. Dr. Schulz’s research focuses on intersectional feminist and anti-colonial critiques of liberal multiculturalism.

Brie Villeneuve

Brie Villeneuve (UWSA) is a second-year neuroscience student and the UWSA's 2SLGBTQ* Students’ Director. They are a trans-nonbinary advocate and community leader. Brie strives to help create more safe and accessible spaces for trans and queer folks to feel comfortable and accepted.