Board Executive Committee (BEC)

Board of Regents

The Board Executive Committee (BEC) is a Board Committee.

The membership of BEC as of September, 2018:

  • Eric Johnstone (Chair)
  • Rohith Mascarenhas (Vice-Chair)
  • Albina Moran (Past Chair)
  • Robert Silver (Chancellor)
  • Annette Trimbee (President)
  • Adam Gerhard (Chair of Governance and Community Relations Committee)
  • Blair Evans (Chair of Finance Committee)
  • Lauren Tolton (Chair of Audit and Risk Committee)
  • Judith Huebner (Senate)
  • Rod Ingram (Staff)
  • Morgan Brightnose (UWSA)

Contact Information:

All communications for the Board should be sent to the University Secretary.

Last updated October 4, 2018