Hour Per Week of English Language Teaching

Global English Education Policy

Of course, there is also significant variation in terms of the amount of English language teaching that is either mandatory or optional. The data concerning the numbers of hours of English language instruction is even more variable than other data collected. We decided not to try to capture the differences in how ages line up with grades across all the countries nor the differences in length of school years. Because we are most interested in the relative time allotted to English language instruction (especially in relation to other subjects) we collected the data based on the number of hours per week. If the data was presented in a different format (e.g. total hours of instruction per year) we converted it to the weekly amount by determining the number of weeks in the school year for that country. This introduces a further degree of lack of precision that any users of this data should be aware.

This interactive chart can also be adjusted by hovering over the Country label in the top left corner.

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