Indigenous and Human Rights: An Executive Leadership Program

Myriam Montrat 
Director General,Leadership and Transformation
Canada School of Public Service

“I think it’s always good to have a place where you can discuss issues that are contemporary and relevant to what is going on in Canada, and that’s one of the reasons I was curious to find out more about the program.

"The meaningful conversations during the course of a few days were very valuable.”

Kim Champion
Vice-President, People Solutions
Assiniboine Credit Union

“The CMHR environment sets the tone for safe learning, exploring and creating new understanding. The CMHR team are able to draw impactful connections between the course guest speakers and museum stories to reinforce learning and provide rich opportunities to genuinely engage in community activities.”

“It’s important for everyone to take a program like this.  The week immerses you in a history that has been told in a very different way for too many years and that has impacted all aspects of our life - in a way that isn’t good for anyone.  Generally, executives are key to shaping organizational culture through policies and practices, for this reason the course is so important for executives to take.”

"So much of what we learned applies to my role — the course provided access to an incredible leadership experience to support us in challenging our current views, policies and practices and focus on planning for ways to advance these areas."

“The Indigenous & Human Rights Executive Leadership Program connects you in a very intimate way with the most remarkable assembly of leaders.  Connecting with educators, change makers, advocates and survivors had a profound impact on how I view my role within my organization and my personal responsibility to advance Indigenous and Human Rights.”