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“I’ll advance technology to diagnose disease.” – Alex Krosney

Alex Krosney wants you to know that not all Physics majors are nerdy and awkward, despite how they can be portrayed at times on television.

“In Physics, there’s a lot of likes and dislikes, and people have different hobbies,” he said. “We’re not all the same.”

Always interested in math and science, Krosney said he was drawn to study Physics because it “represents real-world events through mathematical equations.”

However, it was during his first year of classes at The University of Winnipeg when he decided to go all-in on Physics, thanks to one of his professors.

“I asked my professor, Dr. Russel Mammei, about careers in Physics,” Krosney said, “and he gave me a tour of the many labs at the university. I thought a lot of the projects in the labs were interesting, and I decided to continue with Physics in my second year.”

Since then, he’s been able to work with numerous university projects with a specific focus on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

And that research experience he’s undertaken as an undergraduate has led him to looking at becoming a medical physicist, likely in the imaging discipline.

“It’s really interesting how physical concepts like magnetic fields are used to create an image that might help with the diagnosis of a patient,” Krosney explained. “I’d like to find new techniques for performing MRI that would make it more efficient on a larger scale, both in terms of accessibility as well as cost.”

What is Physics?

Physics is the quest to understand all natural phenomena using scientific methods. You can find it in health care when treating cancer patients with radiotherapy and in technology when creating video games. Through UWinnipeg’s program, you’ll learn to use critical thinking, decision making, and creative problem-solving skills when studying scientific computing, medical imaging, astronomy, and many other courses.

Make an impact

Physicists are all around us — that’s because a Physics education equips you with elite critical thinking, decision making, and creative problem-solving skills desirable for a wide range of careers. Physicists can be found designing the next great video game series, working with governments to help predict climate change, or using radiation therapy to treat cancer patients.

Career opportunities

  • Research Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Medical and Radiation Therapist
  • Computer Programmer and Game Developer
  • Climatologist and Oceanographer
  • Science Writer

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