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What is Mathematics?

Mathematics is the science of number, quantity, and space. You’ll find math everywhere — in finance, engineering, and even nature. It’s used to build online networks, understand medical scans, forecast weather, map wildfires, control air traffic, and much more. In UWinnipeg’s program, you’ll learn to think critically and develop strong problem-solving skills as you study subjects including algebra, number theory, and complex analysis.

Mathematics student Aalekh Patel

Student Profile - Aalekh Patel

Aalekh Patel likes to think of mathematics as a form of journey — first you get a problem, then you write it down, and finally you figure out how you’re going to solve it.

“That’s how I feel about math — it’s a compelling adventure,” said Patel. “I feel the pull towards mathematics.”

An international student from India, Patel spent many nights researching the perfect university that fit all of his needs.

He was looking for a school where he’d have access to all of the tools and guidance from professors he required — and that university was UWinnipeg.

“I understood that it was not as big as other universities,” Patel said. “But as a result of that, the department and its professors are very accessible.”

Currently, Patel is working towards his Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mathematics.

Once completed, he has high expectations for the rest of his education and future career.

“I’m considering going for a master’s degree and then my PhD,” he said. “And I would love, one day, to be a research associate or a professor.”

Make an impact

Mathematicians are always after the truth, applying logical thinking to create systems that are safe, secure, and reliable. When you purchase something with your credit card, math is used to encrypt this information so others can’t read it. When security agencies need to gather intelligence, they use math to decode sensitive information that is crucial to our safety. Mathematics is more than just number crunching — it’s an entire outlook on the world.

Career opportunities

  • Actuarial sciences
  • Risk analysis
  • Information technology
  • Teaching
  • National security
  • Cyber security
  • Finance
  • Cryptography

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