Howard Mathieson - Short Bio

Autumn Convocation 2007

Howard Mathieson, BA, B.Ed.
Fellowship in United College

Howard Mathieson is a retired teacher and faculty member of The Collegiate and contributed greatly to the Collegiate and University life and governance. He was a student at The Collegiate and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from UWinnipeg in 1968. In 1970, he began teaching at the Collegiate and worked diligently since then, until his retirement in 2000.

Wesley Hall was a second home for Mathieson for more than three decades as a student, and then a faculty member teaching courses in economics and geography. He also pioneered courses in computers.

“I’ve always known this institution to be an open atmosphere and it’s incredibly rewarding to have taught here,” expressed Mathieson. “It was at the University that I found my way and discovered that I wanted to be a teacher.”

As a Collegiate faculty member and Associate Dean, he is known for his easy-going manner, commitment and dedication, which made him approachable to the students.

“The students have made it easy to be passionate about teaching,” said Mathieson. “It’s been a joy and a privilege.”

Mathieson was continuously active in improving the Collegiate curriculum. He was instrumental and involved with the creation of an athletics program for the Collegiate. He initiated the programs and coached basketball for most his time spent at the Collegiate.

While serving as Associate Dean of the Collegiate (1986-1989) Mathieson took an active role in creating the Grade 10 program at the Collegiate, which is an example of his progressive approach to governance for the Collegiate.

“This was a critical step forward for the Collegiate,” explained Mathieson.

This additional grade level allows the Collegiate to be more competitive locally and internationally as an accessible collegiate.

This is one of many examples of his proactive approach in creating a progressive curriculum for the Collegiate

Mathieson also contributed to university governance as a member of The Collegiate faculty team that negotiated the first contract with The University of Winnipeg and continued to serve on the UWFA Collegiate unit and participate many times in negotiations. In addition, he represented The Collegiate on the Pension Committee and the Senate for many years.

Mathieson is being recognized for his 30-year dedication, contribution and distinguished service to the academic and athletic fabric of The Collegiate as well as to its governance. The University of Winnipeg is pleased to present Howard Mathieson with a Fellowship in United College.