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Cam AdamsCameron Adams
Coppinger Family Award

"I work hard to improve the lives of others around me and I feel that’s what The University of Winnipeg does too. Bursaries and awards like the Coppinger Family Award that I received help to lessen the burden of pursuing post-secondary education for all students. This gives opportunities to students from all different backgrounds from all over the world to have opportunities to pursue their dreams."

"My overall career goal is to see all Indigenous languages survive and thrive in Canada, so we can have them safe where they were 100 years ago, but safe and trenched into society so there’s no worries about when they will disappear anymore."


Full Awards List


    Cameron Adams The Coppinger Family Award     

    Jenna Allison Vivian Doris Glass Memorial Scholarship     

    Rachel Beazley Alumni Family Achievement Scholarship  Dr. and Mrs. Roderick Hunter Scholarship   

    Mohamed Behi Robert P. Purves Memorial Scholarship     

    Kayla Berg R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Tyra Bodz Allan J. Ryckman Memorial Scholarship     

    Kevin Chau Joyce Aitken Scholarship in Education     

    Kailyn Coss John K. Macdonald Memorial Fund Award in Education - Year 2     

    Lindsay Doerksen Patty Kirk Scholarship in Education  R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships   

    Madeline Drolet R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Haley Ens R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Ashley Friesen R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Jade Hamelin Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit     

    Breanna Heinrichs Merlene Scholarship Fund     

    Brian Hildebrand R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Colton Martens R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Mattias Melo Elliott-Harvey Scholarship in Education     

    Camille Michalik Professor John Bosace Memorial Scholarship     

    Kadie Nykvist Alberta Shearer Loeb Memorial Scholarship  Edmond and Dorothy Dyck Scholarship In Education  German-Canadian Business and Professional Association of Manitoba Scholarship

    Kimberley Panaligan R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Alvin Paul Jack Little Memorial Scholarship     

    Kiersten Penner Dr. George and Doris Johnson Entrance Scholarship     

    Samantha Schwabe Mary Talbot Memorial Scholarship in Education     

    Andrew Sinclair Professor John Bosace Memorial Scholarship     

    Ariel Smith-Mink Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Scholarship     

    April Spence Winifred Gamble Bursary     

    Jane Tully Meadwell Scholarship in French     

    Sarah West Ross A. Johnston Indigenous Student Award     

    Taya Wiebe R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Alaura Winning Alumni Family Entrance Scholarship     


 Message from the Dean

Jan Stewart

Dr. Jan Stewart
Deputy Provost and Acting Dean of Education, The University of Winnipeg

On behalf of the Faculty of Education, I would like to congratulate you all on your achievements and accomplishments, both within the University and also in the greater community.

Many of you have worked tirelessly on committees and boards, and you have served organizations and associations both locally and nationally. While maintaining exceptional academic standing, all of you have demonstrated creativity, determination, and commitment to your studies. This is no easy feat and we admire and respect your efforts and enthusiasm. Doing what it takes to maintain a high academic average and also contributing to causes that you personally believe in, is a testament to your character and leadership abilities.

As future educators, you have exemplified the notion of what it means to be a professional teacher. As you continue on with your studies, reflect on your achievements and also congratulate yourself on what you have overcome to get where you are today.  Your hard work was likely interrupted by distractions and challenges, but you persevered and now you are stronger because of these experiences. All of you serve as role models for other students and we are proud to have you represent The University of Winnipeg.

Congratulations on this excellent achievement, and I wish you the very best in your future academic journey. 

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