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Julia AntonyshynJulia Antonyshyn
Marsha Hanen Entrance Scholarship — 4 Year

"I believe it’s so important to recognize our achievements and to celebrate them together. I’m so grateful to be a part of this academic community that holds up excellence and is proud of the achievements of its students. I am also grateful to be part of an institution that knows it is on Treaty 1 land, and in the heart of the Métis Nation."

"To the donors who made the awards and bursaries we received possible, thank you for investing in our futures, thank you for supporting us, and validating our drive to succeed. Receiving the scholarships you have so generously provided, reminds us that all of our hard work is worth it, and that our skills and determination are valued by someone other than ourselves."

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    Anjolajesu Aderinto Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice     

    Elise Alder Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice  R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships   

    Jackson Anderson Muriel and Michael Ewanchuk Scholarship in History  Patrick Deane Provost Prize   

    Nia Badiokova Victor Batzel Faculty of Arts Research Scholarship     

    Rowan Balchen Walter Leatherdale Entrance Scholarship - Year 1     

    Miranda Baran Bethia Henry Memorial Scholarship in Theatre and Drama     

    Laura Bergen Rutherford-Altnow Scholarship in History  Victor Batzel Scholarship in the Humanities   

    Carinne Betournay The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship for Outgoing Canadian Scholars - Undergraduate     

    Audrey Bews Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson Scholarship in Canadian History   Hanna Family Scholarship   

    Ashleigh Boille L. Olive Willison Entrance Scholarship     

    Shelby Boulanger Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit     

    Melanie Brandow Norman Kehler Spanish Studies Scholarship     

    Morgan Brightnose Robert Painchaud Memorial Scholarship in Canadian History  University of Winnipeg Graduate Scholarship in History   

    Alyssa Broschuk Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice     

    Jenna Brown William "Billy" Murphy Scholarship in Theatre  Bethia Henry Memorial Scholarship in Theatre and Drama   

    Lisa Bruce The Jennifer Moore Rattray Award - Undergraduate     

    Excelsia Chiwanguwangu International Visa Student Scholarship     

    Celina Clements Larry A. Didow Scholarship for Students with Physical Disabilities     

    Samuel Collett Freemasons of Manitoba Award in Human Rights - Undergrad     

    Georgia Dalke R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Georgia Defehr Judge Walter J. Lindal Memorial Scholarship  Alexander and Catharine Smith Scholarship in Sociology   

    Keegan Denty Elizabeth Buckland Memorial Scholarship     

    Emilie Derkson-Poirier United College Class of '50 Reunion Scholarship     

    Mischa Doerksen Ivan Esau Leadership Scholarship     

    Isabel Dominguez R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Nicola Donovan Angela Mattiacci Memorial Scholarship in Linguistics     

    Felix Doyle Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice     

    Nettie Dyck James E. and Lyna McNeil General Proficiency Scholarship     

    Andreas Eibl International Visa Student Scholarship     

    Jase Falk Kay Unruh Des Roches Memorial Scholarship     

    Meaghan Fallak Gisela Saborowski Memorial Scholarship     

    Alesha Frederickson Sandra and Harvey Secter Scholarship     

    Sara Friesen Ivan Esau Leadership Scholarship     

    Sonia Gaiess Katherine Jane Duckworth Scholarship    

    Emily Gartner Wilhelm Kristjanson Memorial Scholarship     

    Brayden Gray Erica and Arnold Rogers Scholarship in Criminal Justice     

    Silke Groeneweg R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Ellen (kell) Hagerman Dr. Lloyd Siemens Memorial Scholarship in English     

    Alina Hart Carl Ridd Scholarship in the Humanities     

    Sophia Hershfield Senator Thomas Alexander Crerar Scholarship - Undergraduate     

    Kevin Hiebert David R. Dyck Prize in History     

    Beatrice Kagondu International Visa Student Scholarship     

    Olivia Kehler R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Luke Klassen Victor Y. Shimizu Kant Prize     

    Alexandra Koslock Freemasons of Manitoba Award in Human Rights - Undergrad     

    Danylo Kotenko International Visa Student Scholarship     

    Muskan Kumar University of Winnipeg Women's Auxiliary Scholarship in Criminal Justice Studies     

    Marina Lamontagne-Rougeau Professor John Bosace Memorial Scholarship     

    Shanelle Maytwayashing Opportunity Fund Tuition Credit     

    Kaitlyn McIntosh Bethia Henry Memorial Scholarship in Sociology     

    Carly Mcmillan Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice     

    Leo Moretto International Visa Student Scholarship     

    Sophie Moulaison Walter E. Swayze Scholarship in English     

    Annalise Neufeld Alumni Entrance Scholarship     

    Gloria Nganga International Visa Student Scholarship     

    Ciarra O'reggio Mr. and Mrs. Ong Hoo Hong Emerging Writers Prize     

    Ozten Paul Mr. and Mrs. Ong Hoo Hong Emerging Writers Prize     

    Hannah Penner Joseph Wolinsky Memorial Scholarship in the Social Sciences     

    Lara Penner-Goeke Dr. John and Elizabeth Coté Award for Highest Standing in Psych. Methodology  Jo Lindal Memorial Scholarship   

    Cale Plett Harry S. Crowe Scholarship  E. Phyllis Smith Scholarship in English Literature   

    Chantelle Ranville Edith Lindsay Memorial Scholarship     

    Amanda Rivers Stanley Knowles Scholarship in Political Science     

    Jazlyn Rohatensky International Baccalaureate Entrance Scholarship     

    Tesia Romaniw Friesen-Wendl Corrections Memorial Scholarship     

    Adele Ruhdorfer Robert and Kathryn Young Scholarship in European History     

    Stephan Ruzic Freemasons of Manitoba Award in Human Rights - Undergrad     

    Samuel Selk Condren Rex Keatinge Scholarship in Criminal Justice     

    Moira Smee David R. Dyck Prize in History     

    Madeleine Stevens The University of Winnipeg President's Scholarship for World Leaders     

    Alyssa Thomas Frostiak and Leslie Scholarship     

    Michael Wiebe R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships     

    Precious Young-Whiteway The Jennifer Moore Rattray Award - Undergraduate     

    Davy Zacharias Alberta Shearer Loeb Memorial Scholarship     

    Sabrina Zacharias Roger and Kathleen Graham Scholarship     


Message from the Dean

Glenn MoulaisonDr. Glenn Moulaison
Dean of Arts, The University of Winnipeg

I congratulate all of the award recipients from the Faculty of Arts. Your hard work deserves the highest recognition. I wish you the best as you further your studies at The University of Winnipeg. If you are moving on, I hope your experience here has enriched your life as much as your presence here has enriched ours.

I also wish to thank all donors. This event would not be possible without your generosity and commitment to our students.


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