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Arts retirees for 2023: Prof. Tom Stroud

Wed. Sep. 27, 2023

This year saw the retirement of two of our Faculty of Arts professors. Knowing they'll be greatly missed this fall, we asked some of their colleagues, friends, and former students to share their thoughts. Here we highlight Prof. Tom Stroud's retirement from the Department of Theatre and Film.

Prof. Tom Stroud
Allison Loat, Production Coordinator in the Department of Theatre and Film shares that "It has been an absolute joy to watch Tom work with students."

Photo credit: Naniece Ibrahim

Prof. Mia van Leeuwen, Artist & Associate Professor, University of Lethbridge and UWinnipeg THFM alumna: Tom Stroud undeniably shaped my life as an artist, especially in my emerging years when Tom was the Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and then Movement [faculty member] at the Uof W. But before he became my teacher, I was a fan. "The Garden," Tom's dance-theatre adaptation of "Hamlet," was mind-blowing and confirmed for me that I wanted to pursue a life in performance, whatever that meant. I was so excited by the ideas and possibilities of that production, that it greatly inspired future work with my company out of line theatre. Tom would eventually work with us as emerging artists, coming in as a director, mentor, and eventually a participating actor in the production I wrote and directed called "The God Box." Tom's belief in us as young artists mixed with engaging us in critical conversations about the work, provided a strong foundation to grow from. Tom, thank you for guidance, your imagination, and your ongoing curiosity in the emotional life of an artist.

Dr. Sarah Petty, UWinnipeg THFM alumna (BA Hons in Acting): What I admire most about Tom is the unique way that he interacts with and interprets the world around him; always with curiosity and humility. His advocacy for safe and effective techniques for actors to access and express emotions has impacted a new generation of artists. Congratulations Tom on an incredible career, I am honoured to have been with you on part of this journey.

Prof. Christopher Brauer, Chair of THFM: It’s kind of hard to believe I’m not going to find Tom wandering the ACTF searching for his glasses anymore. Tom has been a close colleague and friend since I joined Uof W in 2005. In that time he has had a profound impact on the lives and work of so many students. He got them thinking and working like artists. I’ll miss our passionate conversations, and woefully one-sided pool games. And I’ll mail him his glasses if I find them.

Prof. Hope McIntyre, Associate Professor, THFM: The students loved working with Tom. When he broke the news of his retirement to his final third year movement class, they were devastated. They really felt the value in what he was teaching and wanted to continue on their learning path with him. His impact was clear. It was also a pleasure to collaborate on productions with Tom, I truly felt that we were investigating together how to best serve each student’s needs. 

Ms. Allison Loat, Production Coordinator, THFM: Tom Stroud has been a long-standing institution in the Winnipeg Theatre industry. During my time at UW with Tom, I have had the pleasure of watching him work with a variety of students, incorporating his unique style of movement-based theatre. It has been an absolute joy to watch Tom work with students, encouraging them to explore how their bodies move throughout the stage and how that movement helps to build one’s character (both on, and off the stage). Tom’s work continues beyond our doors and I can’t wait for what’s next to come.

Dr. Tracy Whalen, Acting Dean of Arts: A recipient of the Arts Excellence in Creative Activity Award, Tom is a much-respected teacher and colleague. As Senior Scholar, he’ll continue to develop his research and instruction around emotion and the acting process—wonderful news for the acting community, which will benefit from his expertise!